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Archives for January, 2011

Hi, Colin & Frank here. We hope you’re having a great start of the year! As you know we are constantly improving ViralURL and this time we came up with a great social feature for the ViralBar. All ViralURL members can now add a ‘Contact Me’ button to their ViralBars, making it easier for the people you share the links with to get in touch with you.

In this fast changing landscape, imagine how powerful it will be to allow visitors to get in touch with you when they visit your site. The internet is fast getting very social in EVERY aspect, and you and your business need to as well, or else you are leaving money on the table.

The ‘Contact Me’ button does NOT directly link to your email address but to your ViralNetworks profile, so people can contact you via this business social networking platform. The best part is: if someone joins ViralNetworks after clicking your profile link, he/she goes into your downline, and you get a commission if he/she upgrades! This also allows you to build another downline, and open yet ANOTHER income stream without any extra effort!

How to Add a 'Contact Me' Button to Your ViralBars
‘Contact Me’ Button

As you can see, there’s your ViralURL affiliate link on the left, and your link to your ViralNetworks profile on the right (which is also an affiliate link). This is only the right side of the ViralBar; there’s more on the left side and middle section, including the ViralUrl logo and a NEW Facebook Like button! The ViralBar now allows you to build TWO downlines, opens TWO streams of income, gets YOU a lot of exposure, makes your sites more social, as well as the normal credit earning, affiliate link cloaking and link protection! Can you say ‘POWER’?

To add a ‘Contact Me’ button to all your ViralBars, log into your ViralUrl account, and click ‘Downline Builder‘. Then click the ViralNetworks banner image, enter your ViralNetworks ID in the dedicated field and click the ‘Change’ button. The ‘Contact Me’ button will show on all of your already existing and future links cloaked with ViralURL.

ViralNetworks ID

If you don’t have a ViralNetworks account yet, SIGN UP HERE! ViralNetworks is jam packed with powerful networking and marketing feature. It’s often considered as a business social network, but it’s actually much more than that. It’s also a content distribution platform, for you to publish and distribute your content with ease.

For more information, visit ViralNetworks NOW! Add your ViralNetworks ID to your ViralURL account now, to lock in as many referrals as possible! If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to ask them here, on the ViralURL network!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer
& Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert

P.S. – If you are smart, you will be cloaking EVERY link (even direct, non-affiliate links) you share with anyone (on Facebook, Twitter, via email, chat, on blog posts, etc.) with your ViralURL cloaker to gain ALL the power of the ViralBar!

Did you know we have made it so fast and easy (as fast as copy and paste) to do this? Check out our awesome FireFox Extension at our site: ViralPlugin Simply Click Here to Get Our FireFox Extension

Let us know your thoughts! :)

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