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ViralinBox – General FAQs

Where can I find some quick tips on how to get the most out of my ViralinBox account?

Where can I change my account details?

To change your account details, log into your account and click the ‘Settings’ link in the ViB Menu on the right of your dashboard. Click the ‘Account Settings’ link to open the settings section. You may change your password, your affiliate ID, first and last names, PayPal or AlertPay email address, address, city, state, etc. Remember that some fields are required to receive commissions.

How can I create a new box?

To create a new box automatically, simply send an email to a new box address.

To create a new box manually, log into your account and click the ‘Add New Box’ link below the Boxes Menu on the left your dashboard. Enter a Box Name and Box Display Name and click ‘Create’.  The Box Name is the name given to the box address while the Box Display Name is the name given to the box in the Boxes menu. Your new box will be automatically approved. The box details (box address and disk usage) will appear below the ViB Menu on the right on your dashboard.

How can I approve a pending box?

If someone sends an email to a box that hasn’t been created yet, the system will add the email to a pending box. To approve a pending box, log into your account and click the pending box in the Boxes Menu on the left your dashboard. Click on the email you received and either click the ‘Approve this mailbox’ button in the menu bar or ‘Approve the mailbox’ link in the middle of the page.

How can I claim a coupon code?

To claim a coupon code, click on ‘Advertise’ in the right-hand ViB menu and on the new hover over window, scroll down and click on ‘Claim Ad Credits Coupon’. Here you simply enter your coupon code and click on the ‘Claim Coupon’ button.

How can I build my list with ViralinBox?

There are multiple ways to build your list with ViralinBox…

1. You can email our members every day using mailing credits that you either earn by clicking on links of other members or by upgrading your account. In those emails you can promote a lead capture page of your own that builds your list on an autoresponder list with a 3rd party service such as GetResponse or Aweber etc.

2. You can promote your ViralinBox affiliate link online, to your existing list or with 3rd party services to build your downline in ViralinBox on up to 8 levels deep.

Those that you refer from your existing lists will not grow your list directly, but as they refer new members to ViralinBox, your ViralinBox downline grows. That downline you can email daily (without mailing credits) and that way you use way #1 to then add them to your personal list.

3. You can advertise your lead capture page using banner & text ads in our system. You earn banner and text ad credits simply by seeing those kind of ads in our members area or by displaying them on web pages you own.

4. Optional: You can upgrade your account to get up to 2,000 mailing credits every day, purchase Guaranteed Visitors to your lead capture page or additional banner and text ad credits.

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