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Highly Recommended Money Makers

I’ve noticed a trend that when people talk about money makers they refer their friends and readers to PPC programs and other programs that pay you to monetize your site. I will do the same, but firstly I want to recommend some much more important programs to you that I consider ‘Money Making Programs’.

You see, I firmly believe that education is the key to being successful, full stop, period, however you want to put it! Not just in online business, but in everything you do in life. We all were given a brain, a blank canvas. Some might say that others just have a bigger canvas but it is not how big it is, its how you use it… maybe you have heard that before in relation to another muscle but it applies to your brain too. Use what you have to it’s full potential and you will find it is more than enough!

To use your brain to it’s full potential, you need to educate yourself. It doesn’t matter how much a program will pay you per click or per sale, or how amazing your new business idea is if you don’t have the education to make it a reality! BEFORE you can make any money online (without it being a fluke) you need to learn the processes and how to ‘unlock’ your potential. That is why the ‘money makers’ that I want to recommend to you FIRST and suggest you take action are not what you might normally assume to be money makers. Let’s get on with it:

Vital Product You Really Should Consider

This section is products that I and many others I know have invested in with some awesome results. Remember, the most important ingredient to making money online is education. These products will do just that for you!

The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript:

This is a product by Mike Filsaime. I read it a few times and have it as a resource I visit when I need to. I have taken notes on the chapters as I read and it really has stood me in good stead. Read The Review I wrote for it, or click the image below to go to the site (opens in a new window)



The Seven Figure Code:

Another product by Mike Filsaime (I gotta say, this guy really knows his stuff) as well as many other top industry marketers. This is a 16 DVD home study course that also includes transcripts and power point slides for you in 2 large ring binder folders! Wow, this is an amazing course and I have watched some of the DVD’s often. Read The Review on this product, or click the image below to visit the site (opens in a new window)


Image - The 7 figure Code Review


Products To Join That Will Bring In Income


This is a section with products and website services that you should join if you have a website or a blog. They will be your income streams!




This is a website I co-founded. It is great for newer marketers and even the more advanced ones as it opens up another revenue stream for you as well as providing a powerful advertising method. More then this is the fact that it will protect your affiliate links. Read The Review I wrote for it, or click the image below to go to the site (opens in a new window)


ViralURL - Link cloaker and List Builder