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Bloggers will make mistakes, that is a given. We are all human and we often don’t notice we are making a mistake. While my English is very good, often my grammar is poor but I double check and try and get it right. Bad grammar is also not going to cost me a lot of money. I was reading a blog post the other day that mentions how has deadlinks in their system ‘wink’ emails as you can see from the screen below:


Source: Revenews


That might cost them a fair bit of income if it is not fixed as this most likely requires members to upgrade to respond. We see it in the blogging world a fair bit and this one from Shoemoney isn’t going to cost him any money, but is funny:



Shoe is a serious domainer, yet in his post the site he states that you have an account at, is spelled wrong, you can see the correct version in the email he pasted in the post below. Either it was a mistake and the person parking dnforums will be quite happy, or shoe is sneaky and actually owns the domain and wanted to drive people there (Although that evilness is more a John Chow action):



The moral of this post is to always double check things you do, especially those that can cost you money! We will always make mistakes and I know that in the coming months and years I will make plenty, but try not to make simple mistakes that can cost you lots of money….AKA

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