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There are a few phrases that have been used more than needed on the social marketing networks such as Digg and Reddit. A very smart Redditer decided to do a little research on some of the overly used phrases, and one was “It’s Official” which is too often used in the title. You can see the search results here.

He wanted to show that this phrase is not that fun anymore because it is used way too much. Using phrases such as “It’s Official”, when it has been used more than it should, actually takes away from your own credibility.

Another overused phrase that has been found on Digg is Breaking stories. You know, when you first saw this on a blog post or in an article, it really seemed important and would draw in a lot of readers, making your news item something of great interest. There was a time on Digg that your story had no chance of getting on the front page if you didn’t have the word BREAKING’ in its title.

We all want to get our story on the front page, and on the top of the front page. There is a lot of competition, so in order for you to succeed, you need to have your own tricks to get on the front page. But how do you win in this competition, what tactics and tricks do you need to focus on? Do you set your own standards, do you let sensational titles along with poor journalism? What can you do to raise the standards? But for the most part, it seems as if Digg likes the word “Breaking” as you can see in this search.

But Digg is not the only place to go for your news aggregator. You need to check out Newspond. This is a new site that will be in a league of its own. This is a young site, they don’t have the viewers like Digg and Reddit have right now, a matter of fact, they are now having their official launching. But just because they are new, does not mean you don’t want to get involved. This is a great looking site and will soon be on their way to the top along with Digg and Reddit.

Within a few months, after the right amount of press and publicity, Newspond will be right up there among the giants of news aggregation. Just keep your eye on them and you will watch it happen right before your eyes. They may be a small fish just being thrown into the pond, but soon, it will be a shark fighting for the top like the rest of them.

When you take a look at this site, you will see why it will make it to the top quickly. This is a great looking site, with a Mac look to it. So, keep this one on your radar, with the PR efforts, and their great looking image, they are bound to be a success.

Just keep your name out there, keep putting great content on your sites, continue your Viral Marketing campaigns, and you will continue to see your business grow.

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I Am A Fan of Squidoo Lenses

I have been a fan of Squidoo for a long time and they have now added another lens to its ever growing options to market and promote your business, products, and services. Squidoo is quickly becoming a place to establish yourself as an authority in any area and providing a way to aggregate your content and data, sales for eBay or show your video collection.

The latest addition on Squidoo is called Hey MonkeyBrain!

This is bound to be a huge success and bringing in a lot of new users who want to get into some deep discussions in their interactive forum. This is a place to debate, argue, defend or express ideas, theories, statements, and anything else you want to discuss. This is similar to outquibb.

As a user, you can set up discussions and have other readers join in with their own personalities and views, the more the merrier. Matter of fact, they need to be registered Squidoo users to join your argument.

This is a great way to bring more to your site, and it guarantees a lot of fun, but the greatest aspect about HeyMonkeyBrain is that you can add supplemental information at anytime through various methods. You can add links, blurbs, videos, eBay items, and so much more. Not only are you able to use all methods of aggregate data at any time, but it also enables you as a Squidoo user and Squidoo to create various connections throughout other lenses. This opens up a huge opportunity for viral marketing.

You can use MonkeyBrain for self-promotion!

You can encourage the visitors to your lens to take some action, as well as collect some great marketing research and feedback on the topic of your choice. Your MonkeyBrain lens will show up on your Squidoo profile along with all the other lenses you have built, which also gives you more visual impact on your other lenses. You are basically going to build your own mini-network all around yourself. This is a great way to get your Viral Marketing going!

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Digsby Becomes a part of Centralize Email, IM, Facebook and MySpace According to Mashable

If you have not heard of Digsby, then check it out! This is an upcoming aggregator of profiles that will work right on your desktop. This will allow you to keep in touch with your email inboxes, IM buddies and your Social Networking accounts. This looks a lot like an AOL buddy list where you can sign in with all the popular instant messenger sites, email clients as well as MySpace and Facebook. If you want to try it out, then Download the application and enter the names of your clients and email accounts. You can get your Facebook and MySpace alerts on this as well. When you are asked for the passcode, enter the word “mashable“.

The most complex part of this program is the integration with Facebook. The Facebook operates from a application that gives a variety of updates, telling you when someone adds a note, changes a picture, etc…The Facebook integration will allow you to use Digsby as a chat window to converse with your network buddies.

MySpace does not offer as many updates, and not as integrated as Facebook is. Just as you would see an IM alert with AOL, you will see a new message flash on the bottom of your screen while you are logged in to your accounts. As well as getting these alerts, you will see your updates for your social networks and email just by scrolling over the account on your desktop client.

Digsby is a great tool to help in your Social Marketing:

This is a downloadble application that is pretty easy to use. This program has some great centralized update tools that can be found on other social browsers. But this however, seems to be the new and updated version of profile aggregators. Check it out.

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