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Digsby Becomes a part of Centralize Email, IM, Facebook and MySpace According to Mashable

If you have not heard of Digsby, then check it out! This is an upcoming aggregator of profiles that will work right on your desktop. This will allow you to keep in touch with your email inboxes, IM buddies and your Social Networking accounts. This looks a lot like an AOL buddy list where you can sign in with all the popular instant messenger sites, email clients as well as MySpace and Facebook. If you want to try it out, then Download the application and enter the names of your clients and email accounts. You can get your Facebook and MySpace alerts on this as well. When you are asked for the passcode, enter the word “mashable“.

The most complex part of this program is the integration with Facebook. The Facebook operates from a application that gives a variety of updates, telling you when someone adds a note, changes a picture, etc…The Facebook integration will allow you to use Digsby as a chat window to converse with your network buddies.

MySpace does not offer as many updates, and not as integrated as Facebook is. Just as you would see an IM alert with AOL, you will see a new message flash on the bottom of your screen while you are logged in to your accounts. As well as getting these alerts, you will see your updates for your social networks and email just by scrolling over the account on your desktop client.

Digsby is a great tool to help in your Social Marketing:

This is a downloadble application that is pretty easy to use. This program has some great centralized update tools that can be found on other social browsers. But this however, seems to be the new and updated version of profile aggregators. Check it out.