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Tuesday the 8th

So the logo is the main thing the King is waiting on to start things off for 2008 with a bang and establish this blog as the ultimate viral and affiliate marketing blog online. We don’t want to edit our footer and sidebar until we have our logo so that we can get images made by our banner designer.

It is a case of 1 thing effecting the next and my designer says it will be 2 more days. Honestly, 2 more days is nothing, but we are rearing to go here, ready to make our mark!

I have done well marketing online but have never created a blog that has a unique design and I am ready to just into this with both feet. It is not an investment as such, or not a very good one by my reckoning as the time required in blogging far out weights the income derived, but it has many other uses and we will be exploring those in the coming months!

Please join our RSS feed as we are very keen to start off with a Bang in a few days (now looking like Monday next week) and would love for you to help make that happen!

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