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Self Education

You by now know that I harp on about education and how every day you should try and improve yourself by learning something new that is of value.

I have some cool courses on my make money page, but education can come in all forms. I have made a commitment to read books, lots of them. A little each day is the plan, and this week I am reading ‘reallionaire‘. Once I have finished it I will make a ‘review style’ post on it.

Jason Calacanis

Jason first came onto my radar by being an ‘ass’ towards affiliate marketers at his keynote. I now read his blog! The lesson there is sometimes being a ‘smart ass’ works, no publicity is bad publicity.

Another post he made caused another bit of a stir but is a good read: ‘How to Save Money Running a Startup

Facebook Owner = Youngest Billionaire

I read Forbes sometimes, but I read Zac Johnson every day, and as I first read the news at his site, I figure it best to link to his post. This is interesting and inspiring news for anyone that is keen on having a shot at internet success. Sure you have to have the ‘right stuff’ but don’t let people tell you that you don’t…. Have a crack, have a full go, and if you don’t succeed, try again.

Setting Goals

Everyone knows this, but let me say it again. Aim HIGH! Of course you need a business plan and at least a rough outline on how you plan to achieve your aim (goal) but when you do set goals, aim VERY HIGH! If you don’t hit it and fall short, you are bound to have at least some success.

Have a good week!

Another week, another summary post. This week I had Frank Bauer come and visit me for 3 days. He is my business partner in viralurl and we have other things on the horizon so it was a very productive time in that sense. The downside was, I didn’t get a chance to do my normal blog surfing to keep track of what’s up in the Blogosphere. I did however get a few minutes to read some bloggers views of ‘Affiliate Summit West’ where keynote speaker, Jason Calacanis, caused some controversy. I had a chance to watch some footage and agree with some bloggers that he is a ‘Valley VC baby’. Just because he relies on other people’s funding of obscene amounts of money does not mean that is the only way to make an income.

Here is some feedback from Zac on the issue

As Jac says, I too am happy with my 6 figure income doing what I enjoy and from where I want to do it. (Internet Marketing).

Big Income Reported Again

John Chow, just reported his February income month and he is now making over $1,000 a day from his blog. I’m not sure if my blog will ever get there or if I’m even setting it as a goal simply because I don’t run this blog for income only, that is secondary, primary is for Brand creation and awareness, which of course, brings more income for my other projects.

Look Forward to next week

Looking forward to next week, there will, as usual be some great posts on viral marketing, so please be sure to signup to my Rss Feed

Next week some time a New Opt-in form will be added to the blog as well – I am still finalizing the blog design and functions and then will start pushing it

Wow! A whole week has gone since I last wrote my first ever Sunday Summary – It honestly only feels like a day!

Personal Update:

Personally this week I have been focusing on getting back into gym and watching my diet. Being a marketer we do tend to not focus on this aspect as much as we should, so this week a conscious decision was made to get focused again on the ‘healthy lifestyle’.

I also went to go and see a live performance of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ which was wonderful. I saw it in London before but Brisbane did a pretty good job too!

This week I also focused on my business ventures (as I do every week) and am happy with the way things are progressing, a little slowly for mine, but then again, I have always been a bit impatient (not a great quality to poses). I also spent time reading and learning Forex ins-and-outs because, well, it’s one thing to make the money, its another thing to leverage that money to good use. I have a stake in property already, so looking to expand and diversify my portfolio a bit. I will keep you updated on how that progresses.

In Other News:

Last week I covered microsofts bid for yahoo, well it looks like it might be costing them. Techcrunch covered the story which omits the fact that all tech stocks are doing it rough at the moment but it does seem Microsoft investors (a few of them at least) are ‘jumping ship‘.

Ebook Launch:

This week was the very soft launch of my ebook. I am still revising the additions and improving it, but so far have had very good feedback!

You can check it out at: – As I do new revisions and updates, you will be sent them via email included in the purchase price.

This is the Kings first Sunday Summary and with the blog coming out of Pre-launch tomorrow, exciting times lay ahead. The biggest news in the Business sector this week for mine was the bid Microsoft placed to buy out Yahoo Inc.

Take Over Bid:

The $45 BILLION bid will see the second and third largest search engine players combine provided that the deal is approved under the monopoly act. Although Google control over 60% of the search market, both MSN Adcenter and Yahoo Publisher network are big players in the PPC industry and some circles are saying that by combining these two together, provided they work on ‘userbility’ could start giving google a run for top spot.

This is made even more likely with Google Revenues on big publisher sites dropping as much as 60% with the change in the ‘ad click areas’ of the ad.

Give Up Already:

I made a post earlier that the key to success, in any industry is Focus. Unfortunately not everyone has this train of thought, and some people have even dedicated blogs to telling people to give up before they even start! I almost Joined Geoff’s Blog feed out of interest and for a bit of a laugh, but it goes too far against what I believe. You Simply can’t let negativity into your mind, you can’t think of anything other then success in life. Here is a guest post on John Cow that says otherwise. I suppose marketing to the cynics is a business opportunity too. Ironic that he is trying to make money telling other people to not even bother trying to make money!

It Can Be Done:

Not sure how Geoff plans on explaining the fact that bloggers are reporting good incomes from blogs that are not even that old. John Chow has just cracked the $30,000 income from his blog in one month! Congrats to John, 12 months ago he made around about a 10th as much, so that equates to a 100% increase almost every month on average!

Another newish blog is Jac Johnson and he too has just released his monthly figures from last month. His blog brought in $3,000 and while that is not enough to be considered full time income yet, he is sure to increase that figure fast if Chow’s blog growth is anything to go by.

Don’t Only Focus on blogging:

Congrats to all the bloggers out there earning good incomes from their blogs. While it must be noted, the majority of successful bloggers have other, bigger businesses and blogging is a creative outlet and a supplementary income. Shoemoney runs ringtone and other businesses, Chow has a media company, Jac is a supper affiliate and I (althoug just starting this blog and know I’m at least a year from having a blog that can be mentioned in the same breath) have a six figure business and working on a few more too.

Well that does it for this week. Stay tuned guys and gals…