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Sunday the 3rd

This is the Kings first Sunday Summary and with the blog coming out of Pre-launch tomorrow, exciting times lay ahead. The biggest news in the Business sector this week for mine was the bid Microsoft placed to buy out Yahoo Inc.

Take Over Bid:

The $45 BILLION bid will see the second and third largest search engine players combine provided that the deal is approved under the monopoly act. Although Google control over 60% of the search market, both MSN Adcenter and Yahoo Publisher network are big players in the PPC industry and some circles are saying that by combining these two together, provided they work on ‘userbility’ could start giving google a run for top spot.

This is made even more likely with Google Revenues on big publisher sites dropping as much as 60% with the change in the ‘ad click areas’ of the ad.

Give Up Already:

I made a post earlier that the key to success, in any industry is Focus. Unfortunately not everyone has this train of thought, and some people have even dedicated blogs to telling people to give up before they even start! I almost Joined Geoff’s Blog feed out of interest and for a bit of a laugh, but it goes too far against what I believe. You Simply can’t let negativity into your mind, you can’t think of anything other then success in life. Here is a guest post on John Cow that says otherwise. I suppose marketing to the cynics is a business opportunity too. Ironic that he is trying to make money telling other people to not even bother trying to make money!

It Can Be Done:

Not sure how Geoff plans on explaining the fact that bloggers are reporting good incomes from blogs that are not even that old. John Chow has just cracked the $30,000 income from his blog in one month! Congrats to John, 12 months ago he made around about a 10th as much, so that equates to a 100% increase almost every month on average!

Another newish blog is Jac Johnson and he too has just released his monthly figures from last month. His blog brought in $3,000 and while that is not enough to be considered full time income yet, he is sure to increase that figure fast if Chow’s blog growth is anything to go by.

Don’t Only Focus on blogging:

Congrats to all the bloggers out there earning good incomes from their blogs. While it must be noted, the majority of successful bloggers have other, bigger businesses and blogging is a creative outlet and a supplementary income. Shoemoney runs ringtone and other businesses, Chow has a media company, Jac is a supper affiliate and I (althoug just starting this blog and know I’m at least a year from having a blog that can be mentioned in the same breath) have a six figure business and working on a few more too.

Well that does it for this week. Stay tuned guys and gals…

2 Minions Speaketh, What say you?

  1. Geoff

    I think you may have missed the point of my blog (a lot of Cow’s readers are).

    Also, I’m not trying to make money with my site at the moment. I don’t offer paid reviews, my ad buttons are free to anybody who wants them (link exchange), and I’m not running any adsense code or affiliate offers.

  2. The King

    Hi Geoff,

    How did I miss the point? I will subscribe to your RSS and see the view points you put across so that I don’t miss the point in future

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