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As I announced in my video on the “A Personal Challenge” blog post, Colin & I are now both taking part in a personal health & fitness challenge to break free from the beer gut causing lifestyle that seem to have been part of being an Internet Marketer lifestyle package.

Now… how did it all happen and why should you join us?

How it happened is quiet straight forward… Joel Therien, a successful Internet Marketer that I personally met at the WIME seminar and know online even longer, is as I write this in the Pre-Launch for his brand new 7 Minute Workout program. He contacted me a few days ago and asked if I would be interested to become an early beta tester and help him spread the word… if I like it.

Originally I thought it’s just another “Here is a bunch of workout videos” type program and even though I like Joel and was attracted to the 7 Minute part of his program as that’s about as much as I can see myself spend on exercise time with all the work that constantly needs to get done… I was originally skeptical.

The second objection about me “spreading the word” was, that I am working in the Internet Marketing niche… and not at all in the personal health & fitness niche.

What made me change my mind? And why should you consider the 7 Minute Workout program as well?

There are two parts to my answer…

  • The first part is that there is so much more then just a bunch of fitness videos to Joel’s program!
  • Let me show you…

The first thing you will find once you log into the members area is that you are not alone, you are part of a very active community with two common goals…

a very active community

…to become fit & make money while doing so! That’s right, and that’s the second reason…

  • There is a money making aspect connected to Joel’s program and to be totally transparent, that attracted me to it as well.
  • Joel explains how it works in detail in the second video that you see after you opt-in at on day 3 after joining the free pre-launch… oh, and while you are at the opt-in page, make sure you watch the video, it’s really funny.

your next 2 steps

You can take these 2 steps now, or after you finished reading the rest of my 7 Minute Workout program review.

What also positively impressed me was that it’s easy to adjust the program to your personal level by answering 18 quick & easy questions…

easy to adjust the program to your personal level

… it took me just 2 minutes to answer all questions and it even takes into consideration if you have equipment or not… I like that it isn’t a requirement and gives you custom exercise workout routine videos…

custom exercise workout routine videos

I personally learned already how to get into proper eating habits while being in Jenny Craig, but if you don’t know about that yet, Joel explains that as well and his program provides a Food Tracker, healthy and delicious recipes & a recipe and menu builder…

his program provides a Food Tracker, healthy and delicious recipes & a recipe and menu builder

And to help us start on track, a Weight & More tracker is build right in as well…

Weight & More tracker is build right in

As you can see, I like it and joined already Colin’s challenge as mentioned in my “A Personal Challenge“post… now I would like you to do the two steps mentioned before…

your next 2 steps

Step #1: Watch the funny video at 7 Minute Workout… because laughing keep us all young & healthy! And then…

Step #2: Enter your name and email into the form at 7 Minute Workout to see the first out of 3 videos that will give you all the details.

I am looking forward to see you in the members area & in the best shape of your life the next time we meet at an offline event.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success in business & health in life,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Co-founder of,, &

P.S. – Have you done Step #1 & watched the funny video at 7 Minute Workout? Do that now.

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No More Excuses, Now Anyone Can Convert Your Paper to iPaper

I came across this article as I was browsing some of my favorite blogs, and this immediately caught my attention. This is a site that is perfect for those who do not own a scanner or have convenient access to one.

Scribd now has a program they call Convert Your Paper to Ipaper…

which is a way for you to have all your paper documents scanned and published on the Internet, all at no cost to read that right….Totally FREE! All you need to worry about it getting the documents sent to them, then they take care of the rest.

How Can They Do This For Free?

They are able to offset the expense for scanning by the advertisements that are relevant to your documents.

Can You Have Any Type of Documents Scanned?

Scribd can scan almost any type of written document. They use a highly advanced scanning process which is provided by their partners, giving them the ability to scan about any document in high volumes. If you do have any questions however, they are easy to contact and ready to answer any of your questions.

Who is Scribd?

Scribd is a huge, digital library where you can publish your own original content. The focus of Scribd is to provide a way for those who have tons of documents sitting around their home or office, and to have a place to publish these documents for all to read.

What’s Their Plan?

First and foremost they are looking to save a lot of trees, which I am all for. They are also looking to utilize their space to service those who have some very important documents that were created long before the digital era. There may also be some documents that have been lost, out of print, or printed but now deleted. This provides a new life to documents that can be shared among many re-digitized and accessible to all.

The reason I am all for this and ready to support them is they are providing a great service at no cost to you. You no longer have to take the time scanning paper after paper, or the expense of purchasing a scanner, but just stick your documents in an envelope, send them off in the mail to Scribd, and before you know it, your documents are accessible to you on the Internet, never to be lost or misplaced again, nor taking up all that valuable space in your home or office.




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Farrah Gray is a young motivational speaker who wrote a book in 2004 called: Reallionaire

He was 19 back then and has since written a new book: Get Real, Get Rich

‘So What?’ You ask…

So what is that I am busy reading them, (one at a time of course) starting with ‘Reallionaire’ and it makes the basis for todays post. Farrah has a unique writing style and has written the book based on his life from the age of seven and at the end of each chapter, summarizes what he learned and what we too should learn and take on board.

Reallionaire Affirmation

At the end of each summary, there is an affirmation and here is one that I want to share with you today:

opportunities are everywhere. I can rise above any circumstance with hard work, integrity, faith and especially persistence.’

I think the key things to take from that is – No matter where you are at in life right now, you can improve your lifestyle and you should not blame anything or anyone but yourself. Rise above the bad or negatives in your life and make a change… Make it your goal to do it…NOW!

Check Them Out At Amazon:

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BIG Call there but….

It’s true. You hear all the time, ‘the money is in the list’ and more recently Frank Kern stated in one of his Mass Control Videos, ‘The Money Is In The Relationship With Your List’. I subscribe to Mr. Kern’s thought process but in order to have a good relationship with your list, you first need to have a list.

Aweber is a List Builder and Autoresponder, for those who don’t know what Aweber does, it allows you to capture your prospects names, emails and anything else you might consider useful and then contact them at will.

With Aweber you can setup unlimited lists, Autoresponders and contact forms and send an unlimited number of messages for one low monthly fee. Aweber are also known for their amazingly high deliverable rates with full time staff working on keeping Aweber off the spam lists so that your email gets delivered.

Aweber Works With Feedburner:

I use Aweber with my sites and Niches and in fact have a couple of accounts with them. It just got even better though, because now Aweber offers the ability to integrate in with your blog, so no longer do you need to use Feedburner email subscription as Aweber now reports your numbers to feedburner and allows you to manage your own list and presentation of the newsletter. The benefits here are huge! If you have some vital information you want to get out to your subscribers, you can just login and send them an email, also for those that use the ‘rss counter’ widget provided by feedburner, your subscribers are now reported and show up on there!

This is a brand new function and I have just added it to my blog. At the moment, every time there are 2 posts made an email is sent out to my subscribers that subscribe to this blog by email, with the content of those posts, allowing my readers to never miss a post.

If you don’t yet have an Aweber account and are serious about making money online, I suggest you get one and start building a list from whatever niche you are targeting online

Get Your Account Now

To see the Blog broadcast function in action and to never miss another ‘content rich’ post on ViralKing Dot Com please:

Subscribe By Email!

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ViralURL is a site that I founded. Frank and I teamed up and launched the site exactly 3 months ago today! We launched on the 23rd October 2007 whilst I was in France watching the Rugby World Cup, which my team, South Africa, won! It was an amazing feeling being there to witness it live and the amazing feeling continued when ViralURL proved to be such an amazing success.

It is hard to review your own product from a neutral standpoint but when coming up with the concept, I wanted to create a truly Viral tool that would benefit everyone that used it. The concept was to cover the important aspects of marketing online:

* Protecting Your Affiliate Link

* Building a List and Downline

* Opening up a new stream of income

I feel that we really managed to achieve this and if you look at what our members are saying, the feedback has been nothing short of exceptional with many claiming we offer the best upgrade value for money they have ever seen! That is a big claim and whilst it gives me a warm, tingly feeling inside to hear people say that, it also re-affirms my own belief that this site truly is for all Marketers!

Visit ViralURL today and get started, it is free, but as mentioned above, it has an amazing OTO offer that you can’t go wrong taking. For all members it will perform the above main features as well as secondary methods of advertising your product through text ads on the Viralbars of fellow members and the option to add text ads and banner ads to your site. This site really will help you, free or upgraded and really only takes 5 minutes or less to get going with:

Visit ViralURL Today

What ViralURL does it cloaks your links to protect your commissions from being stolen, whilst, at the same time, placing a bar at the bottom known as the ‘Viralbar’ that has your built in affiliate link and opens in a new window. So you promote your affiliate links to other programs as normal, but cloaked with the Viralbar, it opens up the list building and income stream for you Automatically!

When a user joins under you, you are able to mail them, and when a user upgrades you are paid a commission. This system uses a mass amount of LEVERAGE so please check it out

Visit ViralURL Today

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