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Tuesday the 10th

The interesting thing about internet marketing, and many of the videos that you see around online is those that promote mailers are always talking about open rates and click through rates. The truth is, open rates and click through rates don’t mean anything in the real world of internet marketing if it doesn’t convert to opt-ins and sales.

Opt-ins and sales are your goal right?

Just to give you an idea of how viralurl’s system is the industry leader, our very own Colin Klinkert did a case study in comparison with other list builders on the market. His comparison was to determine if incentivized clicks which increased open and click through rates actually meant more sales and opt-ins.

What he discovered may shock you!!!



Rest easy know your membership is with the industry leader in list builders.

In this other video, Colin shows more stats and results…



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5 Minions Speaketh, What say you?

  1. jannathul firous


  2. Kenny

    Thanks, very insightful

  3. Laurence Noone

    Great video ! You guys Rock !

  4. Jose

    Hello here Jose really impressed, with the information, because that is true if you receive a lot of clicks but you do not make sales for me, that does not make any sense, in what is related to marketing it seems to me that the question of everything is based on sales, more than clicks, thanks a lot!

  5. Tom

    Wonderful Conversion Rates, but the only test that matters to most people is “MY” Conversions. Since I am still new on my last membership activation I have no report.

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