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Archives for January, 2008

What is the most important quality in a person that has been successful online?

Well, many of the online gurus of today will tell you that they have a monopoly on that answer and in doing so, will make you pay $47, $97 or $147 in order to find out. The way in which products are inflated in price online is a bit ridiculous, especially when you consider that the vast majority of them are useless.

I’ll tell you free what others might make you pay money to learn; the most important quality in a person that has been successful online is perseverance.

Just as it is in the offline world, so too is it in the online world. If you want to be successful online, you need to be able to keep at it. Even if you are only working an hour a day, every day, you need to do that. Maintain forward momentum in the creation of your business and eventually you will start to see some success.

Huey Lee is perhaps one of the more successful of what people call an “internet guru” and the owner of the No Monkey Business website. While I have never tried the product on the website, I have been on his mailing list, and every second or third e-mail that he sends out talks about keeping yourself working in order to get better results.

Additionally, one of the most popular programs in the history of the internet is Simpleology and part of that program is exclusively focused on persevering through difficult times. There is no question whatsoever that those who are best in the business got where they are through hard work and perseverance, rather than by having some secret magic bullet formula.

If you decide that you are going to be defeated from the get go, then even the simplest of circumstances can beat you. But, if you pledge to yourself that you are going to work a little every day until you see some results, then you are going to eventually get results. Even if you don’t, you will have proven to yourself your own personal ability to persevere and that is going to do nothing but help you later on down the road.

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This blog ( is only just launching now, a brand new blog that I will be working on building a Brand on. You see, “I Have A Dream…” no, seriously, a new network is coming and in fact has already begun with viralurl being the first site that is part of the ViralKing brand.

This blog will be the center piece to the brand, and you now have a chance to grab some quality advertising positions at a very cheap price. We have not even launched yet (only soft launch so far, no promotion) and already we have 2 advertisers.

The First was a while back 2 days after the first mockup of the blog came online and the second has just joined us.

This post is a shout out to Andreas Stoy to thank her for taking this opportunity to grow with us. If you too want to get some prime real estate at a cheap price. Please see our Advertise Page, or you can simply visit our Advertising Rates Card to place an order.

Why would you invest in this new blog?

* I run a 6 figure business online and know what I am doing
* I am launching a new product in a few days that will link back to this site
* Future sites in the network will link to this site as the ‘hub’ the home of the ViralKing brand
* I will be investing all income this blog produces in advertising
* I will match it $ for $ for the first few months. Every $ That comes in advertising, I will add that amount from my own pocket towards promoting this site to ensure that this blog grows and with it your advertising exposure!

Welcome Andreas Stoy and to anyone else reading this, the push of this blog is just around the corner, so grab your ad space now!

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I wrote this as I see so many posts these days from people who have tried MLM’s and making money online and simply haven’t. They then ask: “Is it possible for me to make money online”, here is my answer:

When the internet was first implemented, nobody ever thought that it would be the big thing that it is today. The internet has truly revolutionized the way that we do just about everything, from paying our bills, to shopping, and even working. Making money online is a bit taboo these days; there are so many ads out there and so-called ‘companies’ that are promising to help people get rich, if only they will shell out $14.95 for some so-called ‘training materials.’ These ads are meant to appeal to the desperate and the ambitious alike; after all, fifteen dollars is nothing when you can make that back in just a day, right?

There are a few things to consider. First of all, you should never, ever have to pay money to make money if no noticeable ‘real’ value is provided in return. Perhaps spending money on a new outfit or a better computer or something that will help you in your working endeavors, but paying for access to information that may or may not be useful in the real world—is ludicrous. If you are going to look for ways to make money online, do so in a way that is not going to cost you money up front for no benefit, money that that person offering the service should know that you probably cannot afford. Advertising is different all together, there are billions of sites and hundreds of millions of people online, advertising is required to get you eyeballs, but paying for access to a compensation plan, like many of the so called ‘mlms’ out there today is NOT the way to go.

This goes for everything—typing ads, taking surveys, writing product reviews. If you are going to do it and get paid for it, then there is no reason for you to have to pay to do it. If it sounds like it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually because it doesn’t. Use your best judgment when it comes to investigating ways to make money online, so you don’t lose out on valuable dollars of your own that you can use to put towards something else—perhaps a more worthy online money-making endeavor.

Just because there are folks that collect fifteen dollar payments in exchange for destroying a person’s dreams doesn’t mean there are no legitimate ways to make money online. If you have the time and the energy to look for opportunities, there are plenty of ways to make money online as long as you find them. Making money online is possible—but you won’t get rich overnight. Sorry, folks—nothing worth having comes quite that easily in life.

I am writing this from experience and have been there, having my dreams dashed. I have since got over this ‘get rich quick’ and now prosper promoting affiliate products and running my own sites (Like webhosting etc.)

If you have a dream of making an income online, don’t give up on it, but make sure you are not misguided and focus on the things that really matter and will really build up an income for you

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Anyone who has a website and does any kind of marketing, their main concern is search engine optimization (SEO).  Are they however, overlooking something that may be just as important as or possibly more important than SEO – Internet branding.

What is Internet branding you ask! Branding is not something just done to cattle anymore, as an Internet business person, it is important to brand yourself, or your company so that you are recognized. Designing a recognizable logo for your company is one of the first steps in branding yourself.

When Ray Kroc worked for the McDonald brothers, he had a vision. He wanted those golden arches to be known around the world. He was successful in branding not only himself but his business since the golden arches of McDonald’s are the most well known and recognizable logo in the world.

You are probably wondering how you can do the same thing Ray Kroc did with McDonalds to your online business. If you have the time, the dedication and the persistence you can succeed.

Think of Google®. Can you see those colored words in your head without having to go to their webpage? If you can, they have done their job at branding themselves. What about Yahoo!®. What comes to your mind when you think of them? For me it’s the Yahoo!® sound. Next time you are on their home page, click on the exclamation mark, if you don’t know what sound I am referring to, you will after that. These online businesses have done a great job in branding themselves. They are recognizable, which is the entire reason to brand yourself since branding isn’t just about the logo or the website itself, but it is something you think of when you think of that company.

Since both branding and SEO are both great marketing concepts, when combined together could literally take your business places you only dreamed about.  There are some who will argue that SEO is more important than branding while others will argue the exact opposite.  Why should you have to settle for just one form of marketing when there are clearly 2 that work? You shouldn’t, which is why both branding and SEO are equally important forms of marketing, both online and off.

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If you’ve been around money-making circles for any length of time, chances are that you’ve heard of the law of attraction? Some people don’t give it a whole lot of credence but there are others that live their life by it and therefore it behaves like a money-making blog to devote at least some time to discuss exactly what it is.

According to John Chow, one of the dot com moguls of today’s world, the Law of Attraction is simply a concept that illustrates that whatever you may think about, you will bring about.? It is a “like attracts like” law that states that if you can conceive of something and then believe in your own ability to get that particular something, you will definitely be able to achieve that it.

There are a number of case studies that show the effectiveness of the law of attraction, one of them having to do with a man that was chased every single day down the street to work because people knew that he was a homosexual.? The law of attraction asserts that he was visualizing people picking on him and therefore that is exactly what ended up happening each day of his life.? However, one day he was determined not be picked on and started to visualize himself getting to work each day with no problems.? Lo and behold, that is exactly what happened!? His problems with being chased as he walked to work were over through the power of the law of attraction.

This is just one of the thousands of different cases where people have seen changes in their life once they learned about the law of attraction.? There are people who believe in it firmly and people who don’t believe in it at all.? It is up to you to make your own determinations as to what is good for you and if you want to learn more there is a ton of information available around the internet.

Note: There is a product called “the secret”, it is a widely popular DVD well worth checking out. I have seen it a few times and it is good.

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