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Friday the 25th

I wrote this as I see so many posts these days from people who have tried MLMs and making money online and simply havent. They then ask: Is it possible for me to make money online, here is my answer:

When the internet was first implemented, nobody ever thought that it would be the big thing that it is today. The internet has truly revolutionized the way that we do just about everything, from paying our bills, to shopping, and even working. Making money online is a bit taboo these days; there are so many ads out there and so-called companies that are promising to help people get rich, if only they will shell out $14.95 for some so-called training materials. These ads are meant to appeal to the desperate and the ambitious alike; after all, fifteen dollars is nothing when you can make that back in just a day, right?

There are a few things to consider. First of all, you should never, ever have to pay money to make money if no noticeable real value is provided in return. Perhaps spending money on a new outfit or a better computer or something that will help you in your working endeavors, but paying for access to information that may or may not be useful in the real worldis ludicrous. If you are going to look for ways to make money online, do so in a way that is not going to cost you money up front for no benefit, money that that person offering the service should know that you probably cannot afford. Advertising is different all together, there are billions of sites and hundreds of millions of people online, advertising is required to get you eyeballs, but paying for access to a compensation plan, like many of the so called mlms out there today is NOT the way to go.

This goes for everythingtyping ads, taking surveys, writing product reviews. If you are going to do it and get paid for it, then there is no reason for you to have to pay to do it. If it sounds like it doesnt make sense, its usually because it doesnt. Use your best judgment when it comes to investigating ways to make money online, so you dont lose out on valuable dollars of your own that you can use to put towards something elseperhaps a more worthy online money-making endeavor.

Just because there are folks that collect fifteen dollar payments in exchange for destroying a persons dreams doesnt mean there are no legitimate ways to make money online. If you have the time and the energy to look for opportunities, there are plenty of ways to make money online as long as you find them. Making money online is possiblebut you wont get rich overnight. Sorry, folksnothing worth having comes quite that easily in life.

I am writing this from experience and have been there, having my dreams dashed. I have since got over this get rich quick and now prosper promoting affiliate products and running my own sites (Like webhosting etc.)

If you have a dream of making an income online, dont give up on it, but make sure you are not misguided and focus on the things that really matter and will really build up an income for you

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