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Step One: Set Up your viralurl account if you have not already by CLICKING HERE!

Step Two: After logging into the dashboard, go to >LINKS >ADD LINKS

Step Three: Watch this video demonstration and then share your links everywhere.

Step Four: Register for one of our upcoming link cloaking webinar trainings. This training will go more in depth on ViralURL’s link cloaking feature, and it will show you how to put your list building on steroids. Don’t wait…

REGISTER HERE => ViralURL Link Cloaking Webinar

Step Five: Review why its important to cloak your links below.

The benefits of link cloaking with ViralURL are immense, here are just a few…

– To prevent commission thieves from stealing YOUR hard earned money and high-jacking your affiliate links
– To kick long and ugly links to the curb – With viralurl you can make short, pretty links in seconds
– To fully track your links and see how many people clicked on your link, and where they came from and how many times they clicked
– Earn HIGHLY Effective advertising Exposure, simply by making your links look pretty with our shortener and cloaker
– Build your OWN mailing list, on total autopilot from your shortened and cloaked links
– Build your downline automatically and open up a new income stream, simply by leveraging the link cloaking feature
– Track which of your advertising campaigns gets you the MOST Traffic… This means you can focus on the things that work
– Get our FREE FireFox plugin that makes it fast to cloak links on the fly. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS TO THE FIREFOX PLUGIN
– Get access to viralurl’s free wordpress plugin that monetizes keywords on your WordPress blog posts ($97 Value)