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Archives for January, 2008

viralurl is a site that I founded. Frank and I teamed up and launched the site exactly 3 months ago today! We launched on the 23rd October 2007 whilst I was in France watching the Rugby World Cup, which my team, South Africa, won! It was an amazing feeling being there to witness it live and the amazing feeling continued when viralurl proved to be such an amazing success.

It is hard to review your own product from a neutral standpoint but when coming up with the concept, I wanted to create a truly Viral tool that would benefit everyone that used it. The concept was to cover the important aspects of marketing online:

* Protecting Your Affiliate Link

* Building a List and Downline

* Opening up a new stream of income

I feel that we really managed to achieve this and if you look at what our members are saying, the feedback has been nothing short of exceptional with many claiming we offer the best upgrade value for money they have ever seen! That is a big claim and whilst it gives me a warm, tingly feeling inside to hear people say that, it also re-affirms my own belief that this site truly is for all Marketers!

Visit ViralURL today and get started, it is free, but as mentioned above, it has an amazing OTO offer that you can’t go wrong taking. For all members it will perform the above main features as well as secondary methods of advertising your product through text ads on the Viralbars of fellow members and the option to add text ads and banner ads to your site. This site really will help you, free or upgraded and really only takes 5 minutes or less to get going with:

Visit ViralURL Today

What viralurl does it cloaks your links to protect your commissions from being stolen, whilst, at the same time, placing a bar at the bottom known as the ‘Viralbar’ that has your built in affiliate link and opens in a new window. So you promote your affiliate links to other programs as normal, but cloaked with the Viralbar, it opens up the list building and income stream for you Automatically!

When a user joins under you, you are able to mail them, and when a user upgrades you are paid a commission. This system uses a mass amount of LEVERAGE so please check it out

Visit ViralURL Today

We stated in our last post that we were waiting on our mascot, the face to our persona, and that it would take two more days. A Whole week later and FINALLY things are moving forward again! Looks like the blog is on track to be launched next Monday.

We wanted to show you the transformation that took place before we finally arrived at what we consider ‘adequate’ of how we should look. Feel free to laugh at some of them, I know we did:

Yes – We are not Arabic

We are NOT a Female

Nor are we King Henry 8th!

We Are Not Made of Candy!

AH – My Man! Finally we get the look we feel is deserved of our name!


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So the logo is the main thing the King is waiting on to start things off for 2008 with a bang and establish this blog as the ultimate viral and affiliate marketing blog online. We don’t want to edit our footer and sidebar until we have our logo so that we can get images made by our banner designer.

It is a case of 1 thing effecting the next and my designer says it will be 2 more days. Honestly, 2 more days is nothing, but we are rearing to go here, ready to make our mark!

I have done well marketing online but have never created a blog that has a unique design and I am ready to just into this with both feet. It is not an investment as such, or not a very good one by my reckoning as the time required in blogging far out weights the income derived, but it has many other uses and we will be exploring those in the coming months!

Please join our RSS feed as we are very keen to start off with a Bang in a few days (now looking like Monday next week) and would love for you to help make that happen!

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Anyone who has a website and does any kind of marketing, their main concern is search engine optimization (SEO).  Are they however, overlooking something that may be just as important as or possibly more important than SEO – Internet branding.

What is Internet branding you ask! Branding is not something just done to cattle anymore, as an Internet business person, it is important to brand yourself, or your company so that you are recognized. Designing a recognizable logo for your company is one of the first steps in branding yourself.

When Ray Kroc worked for the McDonald brothers, he had a vision. He wanted those golden arches to be known around the world. He was successful in branding not only himself but his business since the golden arches of McDonald’s are the most well known and recognizable logo in the world.

You are probably wondering how you can do the same thing Ray Kroc did with McDonalds to your online business. If you have the time, the dedication and the persistence you can succeed.

Think of Google®. Can you see those colored words in your head without having to go to their webpage? If you can, they have done their job at branding themselves. What about Yahoo!®. What comes to your mind when you think of them? For me it’s the Yahoo!® sound. Next time you are on their home page, click on the exclamation mark, if you don’t know what sound I am referring to, you will after that. These online businesses have done a great job in branding themselves. They are recognizable, which is the entire reason to brand yourself since branding isn’t just about the logo or the website itself, but it is something you think of when you think of that company.

Since both branding and SEO are both great marketing concepts, when combined together could literally take your business places you only dreamed about.  There are some who will argue that SEO is more important than branding while others will argue the exact opposite.  Why should you have to settle for just one form of marketing when there are clearly 2 that work? You shouldn’t, which is why both branding and SEO are equally important forms of marketing, both online and off.

The Blog (ViralKing) Officially launches next week. Please Join our feed for great information and articles to come!

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This is a brand new blog and we are still waiting on the logo/mascot to place in the header and make a few custom images and buttons for around the site.

We have been sent 8 different versions and The ViralKing is still not happy that he is being portrayed as he would like to be seen. We are promised a much better and ready mascot on the 4th and we are hoping to be able to add them to this blog then.

Mascots are very important as they build up a brand and an identity, my King image is to me what the golden arches are for Macdonald’s! With Ebooks coming out, new websites in the pipelines and plenty of ideas and content to be shared, the ViralKing needs to be looking his best!

There is still a lot of other things to do before the blog is ‘ready’ for the limelight, so anyone reading these posts, you are going through the birth with us whilst the rest of the world are in the waiting room!

We expect to have the blog finished and all the ‘To-Dos’, ‘To-dones’ by the 5th of Jan 2008 and will then look to sell our advertising inventory and spend that (Plus plenty more) on getting the word out.

Lets face it, you can have wonderful information to share, which the ViralKing has, but if you have no one to share it with, then what’s the point?

The above statement is not implying ‘give up’ it is stating, DONT give up, with good promotion you will get the readers, then it is vital that you have good content.

Really looking forward to getting this blog ready and building a great community! See you soon world…


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