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This blog ( is only just launching now, a brand new blog that I will be working on building a Brand on. You see, “I Have A Dream…” no, seriously, a new network is coming and in fact has already begun with viralurl being the first site that is part of the ViralKing brand.

This blog will be the center piece to the brand, and you now have a chance to grab some quality advertising positions at a very cheap price. We have not even launched yet (only soft launch so far, no promotion) and already we have 2 advertisers.

The First was a while back 2 days after the first mockup of the blog came online and the second has just joined us.

This post is a shout out to Andreas Stoy to thank her for taking this opportunity to grow with us. If you too want to get some prime real estate at a cheap price. Please see our Advertise Page, or you can simply visit our Advertising Rates Card to place an order.

Why would you invest in this new blog?

* I run a 6 figure business online and know what I am doing
* I am launching a new product in a few days that will link back to this site
* Future sites in the network will link to this site as the ‘hub’ the home of the ViralKing brand
* I will be investing all income this blog produces in advertising
* I will match it $ for $ for the first few months. Every $ That comes in advertising, I will add that amount from my own pocket towards promoting this site to ensure that this blog grows and with it your advertising exposure!

Welcome Andreas Stoy and to anyone else reading this, the push of this blog is just around the corner, so grab your ad space now!

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