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Archives for December, 2007

Welcome to ViralKing Dot Com!

This is my first post on my new blog just in time for the New Year. Lets get the important things of a first post out the way with first:

* Who Am I?
* Who is the ViralKing?
* What is The Goal of This Blog?

Who Am I?

My name is Colin Klinkert. Although new to blogging I am not new to marketing. I have been a Full time Internet Marketer since I was 18. I am now (At time of writing) 22. I have 5 (FIVE) years Full time Internet Marketing Experience. I personally struggled a lot to earn an income online in the beginning, in fact it took over 2 years! Friends and Family were saying that I’m wasting my time: ‘stop living in a dream world’, ‘Your perception of life is way off!’ etc.

You see, they struggled to see that anyone could setup a business online and be making large returns on investment and full time incomes from home working at their leisure (Notice I didn’t say, ‘playing around’ this is still real work) whilst everyone else works 9-5 for a yearly salary that sometimes struggles just to cover the mortgage and food for one!

Well without going on too long, I made it and have been successfully earning a wonderful income for the last 2 years and every day I continue to learn more

Who is the ViralKing?

The ViralKing is my persona, my branding and most importantly my creative outlet. I definatly don’t think of myself as a real Viral Marketing expert, but I have plenty of knowladge that I feel you can benefit from. The ViralKing was born when I decided that I would like a unique angle, I would like to position myself as an expert in my field. I am heavily into Viral Marketing and the concept of leveraging my time and resources to maximum effect, so it seemed logical to brand myself in the Viral Marketing Niche. So enter…..The ViralKing!

What is The Goal of This Blog?

This blog is built with a couple of goals in mind. First it should be noted that goals are VITAL to success in anything you do in like. Today is the 31st December 2007 and I have written out both personal and business goals for next year.

I like to keep both sets of goals to myself but just as an example here is one goal from each list (Each list has 10 goals):

Personal: Learn French This Year (I don’t speak one word, lets see if i can speak it this time next year)
Business: Establish The ViralKing Brand and grow this blog to 1,000+ RSS Subscribers (Why not help me out and join now )

The goal of this blog is to build my new brand by helping as many people as possible harness the power of not just Viral Marketing, but the power to take control of their future, to fire the boss (If that is your goal) and earn a (better Than) full time income online!

I hope that I can live up to, and surpass these goals this coming year. I really hope that you join me on this adventure and that I can help keep YOU in the game and up to date with the latest changes



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