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ViralKing attracts a very sophisticated market of Internet Marketers that strive to improve their success levels no matter how much they have achieved to date or are yet to achieve.

ViralKing readers are hungry and keen to stay up to date with new sites and offers and as we are still quite new we are offering ‘early adopter’ advertisers wonderful rates! Expect these rates to increase dramatically in the near future so now is the ideal time to get yourself ‘locked in’ at the discounted rates:

Currently Available Advertising on ViralKing:

See what is Available, use the drop down menu on the order page to select the type of advertising you are interested in:

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Get Reviewed by The ViralKing:

For a limited time we are offering very cheap reviews of your service and product for you! Please note that if we feel your product is not appropriate or will not fit with our target market we will reject the request and instantly refund your money. Take advantage today and get your site the sort of quality exposure it deserves:

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Sponsor Contests and Prize Giveaways:

This is most likely the best form of Viral advertising you can do, dollar-for-dollar and what better way to kick it off then by letting the ViralKing himself handle your campaign! All you need to do is provide the prize, either money or a gift(s) (Value of $500 or more). The higher the Prize the more buzz the King can create for you. I will then leverage my connections and reader base to get fellow bloggers writing reviews and posts about you and your service. Please Contact Me with a proposal

Thank you for choosing ViralKing to help get you exposure, we know that you will get positive results and look forward to a long relationship.

Featured Banner Position:

The side banner boxes (125*125) currently do not rotate with other banners and you own one of those spots for the full month. We also have the 468*60 in the featured section on the top of each page. This does rotate but is limited to only 5 advertisers. With each user on average viewing more than 5 page views per visit your banner will still be shown to each unique visitor! The Price of the top positioned ad rotation is $50 a month! Get yours while the price is still so low:

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To Take the featured, select ‘custom service’ from the drop down menu and process your order. We will then add your banner.

Side Note: Advertising on the ViralKing is handled with the OIO Publisher Plugin. This plugin not only Automates the whole process and makes it fast and easy for advertisers to promote on my site, it also allows me to keep 100% of the revenue instad of splitting it with a middle man! It is also only $37 so Grab Your Copy Today!