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Thursday the 3rd

Anyone who has a website and does any kind of marketing, their main concern is search engine optimization (SEO). Are they however, overlooking something that may be just as important as or possibly more important than SEO Internet branding.

What is Internet branding you ask! Branding is not something just done to cattle anymore, as an Internet business person, it is important to brand yourself, or your company so that you are recognized. Designing a recognizable logo for your company is one of the first steps in branding yourself.

When Ray Kroc worked for the McDonald brothers, he had a vision. He wanted those golden arches to be known around the world. He was successful in branding not only himself but his business since the golden arches of McDonalds are the most well known and recognizable logo in the world.

You are probably wondering how you can do the same thing Ray Kroc did with McDonalds to your online business. If you have the time, the dedication and the persistence you can succeed.

Think of Google. Can you see those colored words in your head without having to go to their webpage? If you can, they have done their job at branding themselves. What about Yahoo!. What comes to your mind when you think of them? For me its the Yahoo! sound. Next time you are on their home page, click on the exclamation mark, if you dont know what sound I am referring to, you will after that. These online businesses have done a great job in branding themselves. They are recognizable, which is the entire reason to brand yourself since branding isnt just about the logo or the website itself, but it is something you think of when you think of that company.

Since both branding and SEO are both great marketing concepts, when combined together could literally take your business places you only dreamed about. There are some who will argue that SEO is more important than branding while others will argue the exact opposite. Why should you have to settle for just one form of marketing when there are clearly 2 that work? You shouldnt, which is why both branding and SEO are equally important forms of marketing, both online and off.

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