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Monday the 4th

If you have done any kind of Internet marketing before now, then you know about search engine optimization and how important this can be. Well, something just as important as SEO is Internet Branding.

What is Internet branding? Well, it’s not a hot metal object with a logo on the end, stuck in some hot coals then slapped on a cow’s butt. Nope…not that…it is something totally different. This is a brand that states who you are, the company you are representing, your logo. This is the most important thing you can do for yourself is to make a name, get yourself known. You want to have a logo that is seen and automatically associated with you and your website, your product or service. You want to be known through your Internet branding.

Before you ever knew of the golden arches, Ray Kroc was creating a vision, a vision that would make McDonald’s known throughout the world. He came up with the golden arches. He not only branded himself but his business. Now, as you know, the golden arches is the most recognizable brand in the world.

Ok, let’s think of another logo or brand, what about Nike or Coca Cola? Let’s get closer to home, what about Yahoo or Google? Do you see what I’m saying here? You may need to invest some money in a good graphic artist, but if you are serious in doing this full time, making a success out of your product, then you need to have a marketing brand.

SEO and Internet branding are marketing concepts that work great together, when you combine this along with your viral marketing, then you have a winning combination. Don’t just settle for one form of marketing when you can have a great trio working for you.


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