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This is a brand new blog and we are still waiting on the logo/mascot to place in the header and make a few custom images and buttons for around the site.

We have been sent 8 different versions and The ViralKing is still not happy that he is being portrayed as he would like to be seen. We are promised a much better and ready mascot on the 4th and we are hoping to be able to add them to this blog then.

Mascots are very important as they build up a brand and an identity, my King image is to me what the golden arches are for Macdonald’s! With Ebooks coming out, new websites in the pipelines and plenty of ideas and content to be shared, the ViralKing needs to be looking his best!

There is still a lot of other things to do before the blog is ‘ready’ for the limelight, so anyone reading these posts, you are going through the birth with us whilst the rest of the world are in the waiting room!

We expect to have the blog finished and all the ‘To-Dos’, ‘To-dones’ by the 5th of Jan 2008 and will then look to sell our advertising inventory and spend that (Plus plenty more) on getting the word out.

Lets face it, you can have wonderful information to share, which the ViralKing has, but if you have no one to share it with, then what’s the point?

The above statement is not implying ‘give up’ it is stating, DONT give up, with good promotion you will get the readers, then it is vital that you have good content.

Really looking forward to getting this blog ready and building a great community! See you soon world…


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