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Sunday the 2nd

Another week, another summary post. This week I had Frank Bauer come and visit me for 3 days. He is my business partner in viralurl and we have other things on the horizon so it was a very productive time in that sense. The downside was, I didn’t get a chance to do my normal blog surfing to keep track of what’s up in the Blogosphere. I did however get a few minutes to read some bloggers views of ‘Affiliate Summit West’ where keynote speaker, Jason Calacanis, caused some controversy. I had a chance to watch some footage and agree with some bloggers that he is a ‘Valley VC baby’. Just because he relies on other people’s funding of obscene amounts of money does not mean that is the only way to make an income.

Here is some feedback from Zac on the issue

As Jac says, I too am happy with my 6 figure income doing what I enjoy and from where I want to do it. (Internet Marketing).

Big Income Reported Again

John Chow, just reported his February income month and he is now making over $1,000 a day from his blog. I’m not sure if my blog will ever get there or if I’m even setting it as a goal simply because I don’t run this blog for income only, that is secondary, primary is for Brand creation and awareness, which of course, brings more income for my other projects.

Look Forward to next week

Looking forward to next week, there will, as usual be some great posts on viral marketing, so please be sure to signup to my Rss Feed

Next week some time a New Opt-in form will be added to the blog as well – I am still finalizing the blog design and functions and then will start pushing it

2 Minions Speaketh, What say you?

  1. Zac Johnson

    Hey Colin. Thanks for the comments and link back. Post AffiliateSummit topics have been quite interesting!

  2. The King

    Might have been worth going just for the controversy it created… to bad I live on the other side of the world at the moment

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