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Sunday the 9th

Self Education

You by now know that I harp on about education and how every day you should try and improve yourself by learning something new that is of value.

I have some cool courses on my make money page, but education can come in all forms. I have made a commitment to read books, lots of them. A little each day is the plan, and this week I am reading ‘reallionaire‘. Once I have finished it I will make a ‘review style’ post on it.

Jason Calacanis

Jason first came onto my radar by being an ‘ass’ towards affiliate marketers at his keynote. I now read his blog! The lesson there is sometimes being a ‘smart ass’ works, no publicity is bad publicity.

Another post he made caused another bit of a stir but is a good read: ‘How to Save Money Running a Startup

Facebook Owner = Youngest Billionaire

I read Forbes sometimes, but I read Zac Johnson every day, and as I first read the news at his site, I figure it best to link to his post. This is interesting and inspiring news for anyone that is keen on having a shot at internet success. Sure you have to have the ‘right stuff’ but don’t let people tell you that you don’t…. Have a crack, have a full go, and if you don’t succeed, try again.

Setting Goals

Everyone knows this, but let me say it again. Aim HIGH! Of course you need a business plan and at least a rough outline on how you plan to achieve your aim (goal) but when you do set goals, aim VERY HIGH! If you don’t hit it and fall short, you are bound to have at least some success.

Have a good week!

4 Minions Speaketh, What say you?

  1. Zac Johnson

    Haha, Who’s “Jac Johnson”?! Thanks for the link posting.

  2. The King

    LOL – The J and the Z aren’t even close on the keyboard. Mind must have been elsewhere, but im Sure you know who Jack Johnson is?

    Edit: Fixed Now

  3. Mayank Rocks

    I read about the facebook guy. Amazing. He did awesome job!

  4. Mayank Rocks

    You meant Zac Johnson?

    He is……. a good blogger, I am subscribed to his blog aswell.

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