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Thursday the 17th

We stated in our last post that we were waiting on our mascot, the face to our persona, and that it would take two more days. A Whole week later and FINALLY things are moving forward again! Looks like the blog is on track to be launched next Monday.

We wanted to show you the transformation that took place before we finally arrived at what we consider ‘adequate’ of how we should look. Feel free to laugh at some of them, I know we did:

Yes – We are not Arabic

We are NOT a Female

Nor are we King Henry 8th!

We Are Not Made of Candy!

AH – My Man! Finally we get the look we feel is deserved of our name!


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4 Minions Speaketh, What say you?

  1. Thomas Sinfield

    great to see the design process. I think having a character is a great way to boost visitors chances of remembering your blogs

  2. The King

    I just hope that this is a good Mascot that people will find appealing

  3. Pre Blogging

    I think it looks cool ! Did you do the design yourself or outsource it ?

  4. The King

    Hi Becky – I got it outsourced, not very good with graphics. Thanks for stopping by I read your blog quite often!

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