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So you have heard this probably a thousand times right… The money is in the list!

While it is essential to build a list in internet marketing, what if you are new and you don’t have a list?

What about some basic ways to increase your knowledge and build a list while you learn?

These are a lot of the troubles that I see with people in the online marketing world.

I remember when I first started in internet marketing and I got my first subscriber I was jumping off the ceiling excited. But as soon as I got that subscriber, I realized the work that it took to get them.

Now it wasn’t that it was that difficult, but I thought to myself, how can I get to where I am getting more subscribers each day and do it consistently. I also was thinking of ways that I could get big bursts of email subscribers quickly.

This blog post is dedicated to the ones that need a little extra training on how to build an email list and to give you some ideas on how to do that quickly. Maybe you have considered some of these before, maybe you haven’t, but I am sure you will find something you can implement here to help you build a list fast.

List building strategies #1 – List builders

Without question this is by far what I believe to be the best, most efficient, and cheapest way to build a personal list. List builders allow you to have access to a shared email list of subscribers and allow you to send offers regularly usually every couple of days. There really is some major advantages to this because starting from day one you can have a list to email your offers too.

Some email list builders are better than others, but the truth is, they are all great to join. The cost is usually very low to join for a year, and the benefits are enormous because they work.

The thing I love about list builders is the ability to test my email copy every couple of days. There is benefit to this, because email is all about testing, testing, testing. Some emails get better open rates than others, but being able to test your subject lines and email body copy regularly is essential to email marketing success.

Just getting a 1% increase in your open to conversion rate can make a big difference in your list building. If you would like to learn more about copy writing and how you can improve, I put together a great training for ViralURL called “Copy writing 101” and this training is chalked full of great gold nuggets that will help you in your business. It is free to watch and I am sure you will get something from it.

If you are looking for some great list builders to join, here are what I feel are the best (and maybe I am biased… lol) ViralURL, ViralHosts, and Viralinbox. Without question in my humble but biased (lol) opinion our list builders are the most responsive and I have consistently generated subscribers on almost every email I send.

As a matter of fact, every time I send an email via these list builders and I don’t get an opt in, I make tweaks to my copy and the optins start flowing again. I love them, and I am sure you will too, so go on over and sign up, you won’t regret it.

List Building Strategies #2 – Joint Ventures

This is also a very powerful and underused strategy by most internet marketers today. I literally once watched a woman do joint ventures and build an email list of over 50,000 subscribers in less than 2 months. She worked her butt off, and had some great valuable stuff to offer her joint venture partners so its not surprising. But, my jaw literally dropped as that was an average of about 833 new subscribers everyday.

The essence of joint ventures is having something of value to offer in return for the ability to send an email blast to someone else’s list. In other words you help each other and leverage each others work to build your own. This can be a very powerful and a great list building strategy but the key is having something to offer the other for access to their list or following.

There are some great list sharing sites on the internet and you can pull some up with Google. But just make sure that if you go down this route that you have something of value to offer in return.

List Building Strategies #3 – Solo Ads

This is a very powerful strategy that can literally put hundreds if not thousands of subscribers on your list daily. The only draw back to this strategy is that solo ads typically have a cost associated with them and its typically on a per solo ad basis, and if your on a tight budget, this might not be an option.

A great resource to find solo ad opportunities is “The Directory Of Ezines”. I have personally been a member of this for many years now and have been able to find excellent opportunities for ezines because of it. There is a one time membership cost associated with it but well worth the investment in your business if you plan on looking at solo ads as a lead generation source.

Solo ads typically range from $20 up to $150 and more for a single email blast. Obviously the less expensive ones will have more ads taken out due to the fact that they are cheaper, but some of the more expensive ones tend to weed out people who are just looking to blast non valuable ads to lists. Because of this, the quality and response tends to be better. However, you can still have success with the lesser as well.

I know a gentleman in this industry that does solo ads and usually gets about 2000-4000 subscribers per email solo ad he sends. Of course the lists he buys these ads with are expensive, but the pay off is big because he now has an asset email list that he can build a relationship with and market to regularly.

The marketing takeaway…

These three ways to build an email list can really help you come out of the gate running with your internet marketing business. If you take the time to learn and apply some of these strategies, you can have a list in now time at all.

I would love to read your comments below. Please feel free to post some of your successes or ideas.

To your success,

Mark Harbert
viralurl Team Member

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