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Tuesday the 29th

You Ready To Become A Published Writer?

Well, now is your chance to get all those words out of your head and into your own published book. If you have written an Ebook, why not a WEbook?

So Tell Me, What is WEbook?

You are being introduced to a brand new, one of a kind, online book publishing company. This is a revolutionary move for book publishing. This is a groundbreaking era of User Generated Books. Music has become a major part of the web, WEbook will become a major influence in the marketplace for writers to earn revenue from their writings. They will be able to sell their work in markets such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon. WEbook will be working with the mainstream in marketing these books. Along with the marketing, they will also be providing some great give-aways via the web and mobile phones.

What is the Prognosis?

Excellent and bright! This model, who is funded by Greylock Partners along with some other individuals, hopes to be the web’s leader in this type of media industry. If you haven’t noticed, there have many collaborative publications and wiki’s that have been steadily making themselves known. You will begin to see projects like this start showing up in several media forms, the majority being creative writing.

What a great forum for wanna-be writers to begin to use their talents, to fulfill their dreams of becoming a published author. Just imagine, with all the talent we have here on the web, bringing them all together, meeting and communicating with each other, exchanging creative ideas, the possibilities are endless.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fiction writer, or non-fiction, short stories, children’s books, thrillers, and so much more. This is who WEbook will be about, all about YOU!

WEbook is YOU!

WEbook is you, your best friend, your neighbor, your uncle who has been working on that thriller for years. It may be your buddy who thinks he only knows how to blog and that’s it. This is for anyone who has a creative mind and loves to write.

Why WEbook?

Why Not? This is a great chance for a broad community of writers to come together and finally become known for their talents. You may have written several Ebooks, or essays, or even a great article writer, but who knows this besides you? Don’t you think it is time for you to be an author and see your creative works published and be able to earn revenue on it?

How Do I Get Started?

Just start writing, add one sentence to another. If you have an idea, start writing, don’t stop to make corrections, just write, let your creativity flow. Short articles become chapters, chapters become books. Have your family or friends look over your work, do some editing where needed. You will find out tons more information on their website.

Come and and be the first join this great new revolution of online book publishing. You are destined to be a success!


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