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I have had people ask me how you setup Aweber with Feedburner, so I decided to write a Step-by-Step post on how to do it but first lets quickly review why you should do it:

Why Use Aweber with Feedburner:

* Scheduling – Aweber allows you to choose the time and how often (day, week, month) to send out your blog broadcasts
* Designs – You can design your template for your blog broadcasts
* Post Count – You can setup how many new posts before it sends an email with a link to all the posts
* Build a List – You can email your newly established and growing list about anything at any time
* Can-Spam Compliant – There is a link in every email for a subscriber to be removed, fast & easy, so good for your readers
* Now Counts Towards Feedburner Count – Better Than RSS subscribers as it counts them every day, even if they delete the email without reading it. Having a high feed count is very good for getting advertisers, growing your blog and of course increasing your blogs value!

How To Set It Up:

It really is quite simple once you know what you are doing, but to save you some time, here is a step-by-step on how to get Aweber configured to handle your email blog subscriptions and reflect in your Feedburner counter.

First: you need to have an Aweber account, so if you don’t you should open one up. The cost is $19.95 per month.

Second: Create a new autoresponder for your blog:


Third: You click on ‘Messages’ then ‘Blog Broadcast’, from there you click ‘Create Blog Broadcast’:

Fourth: Fill out the form entering your feed, configuring your template and title. Here you also choose how many posts are made before it sends, I have mine set to 2. Also, click on ‘Automatically deliver’ so that it starts sending without you needing to log into Aweber and approve it first each time. (maybe leave it manual for the first few to get the design right):

Fifth: Save your settings then go to ‘List Settings’ and then click on ‘Web Form’. Setup a form and then confirm it. (maybe only use email if you don’t want first name. On my email feed I have first name configured too. Then update setting’s and click on ‘html’. Take the html and paste it into the site where you want to have your form:

Sixth: Your site is now ready to grow you a list with Aweber and communicate your subscribers stats via feedburner. The next thing to do is configure your thank you pages and also the personal email sent for the member to confirm.

To see how you can set it up, why not sign up to my email update service and see how I have done it.

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BIG Call there but….

It’s true. You hear all the time, ‘the money is in the list’ and more recently Frank Kern stated in one of his Mass Control Videos, ‘The Money Is In The Relationship With Your List’. I subscribe to Mr. Kern’s thought process but in order to have a good relationship with your list, you first need to have a list.

Aweber is a List Builder and Autoresponder, for those who don’t know what Aweber does, it allows you to capture your prospects names, emails and anything else you might consider useful and then contact them at will.

With Aweber you can setup unlimited lists, Autoresponders and contact forms and send an unlimited number of messages for one low monthly fee. Aweber are also known for their amazingly high deliverable rates with full time staff working on keeping Aweber off the spam lists so that your email gets delivered.

Aweber Works With Feedburner:

I use Aweber with my sites and Niches and in fact have a couple of accounts with them. It just got even better though, because now Aweber offers the ability to integrate in with your blog, so no longer do you need to use Feedburner email subscription as Aweber now reports your numbers to feedburner and allows you to manage your own list and presentation of the newsletter. The benefits here are huge! If you have some vital information you want to get out to your subscribers, you can just login and send them an email, also for those that use the ‘rss counter’ widget provided by feedburner, your subscribers are now reported and show up on there!

This is a brand new function and I have just added it to my blog. At the moment, every time there are 2 posts made an email is sent out to my subscribers that subscribe to this blog by email, with the content of those posts, allowing my readers to never miss a post.

If you don’t yet have an Aweber account and are serious about making money online, I suggest you get one and start building a list from whatever niche you are targeting online

Get Your Account Now

To see the Blog broadcast function in action and to never miss another ‘content rich’ post on ViralKing Dot Com please:

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ViralURL is a site that I founded. Frank and I teamed up and launched the site exactly 3 months ago today! We launched on the 23rd October 2007 whilst I was in France watching the Rugby World Cup, which my team, South Africa, won! It was an amazing feeling being there to witness it live and the amazing feeling continued when ViralURL proved to be such an amazing success.

It is hard to review your own product from a neutral standpoint but when coming up with the concept, I wanted to create a truly Viral tool that would benefit everyone that used it. The concept was to cover the important aspects of marketing online:

* Protecting Your Affiliate Link

* Building a List and Downline

* Opening up a new stream of income

I feel that we really managed to achieve this and if you look at what our members are saying, the feedback has been nothing short of exceptional with many claiming we offer the best upgrade value for money they have ever seen! That is a big claim and whilst it gives me a warm, tingly feeling inside to hear people say that, it also re-affirms my own belief that this site truly is for all Marketers!

Visit ViralURL today and get started, it is free, but as mentioned above, it has an amazing OTO offer that you can’t go wrong taking. For all members it will perform the above main features as well as secondary methods of advertising your product through text ads on the Viralbars of fellow members and the option to add text ads and banner ads to your site. This site really will help you, free or upgraded and really only takes 5 minutes or less to get going with:

Visit ViralURL Today

What ViralURL does it cloaks your links to protect your commissions from being stolen, whilst, at the same time, placing a bar at the bottom known as the ‘Viralbar’ that has your built in affiliate link and opens in a new window. So you promote your affiliate links to other programs as normal, but cloaked with the Viralbar, it opens up the list building and income stream for you Automatically!

When a user joins under you, you are able to mail them, and when a user upgrades you are paid a commission. This system uses a mass amount of LEVERAGE so please check it out

Visit ViralURL Today

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