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Are you looking for a solution to get more views on YouTube? SocialMonkee comes with a feature called the ‘Social Viewer’ that allows you to submit YouTube videos and get more views, likes, subscriptions… SocialMonkee costs just $7 to join (it’s a one-time payment), and all you then need to do is to install a Firefox plugin that will watch YouTube videos for you (you can leave it run in the back) so you earn credits that you can then use to submit your own videos. All the views, likes and subscriptions you will get come from REAL users, NOT bots.

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Get Views on YouTube

The statistics speak for themselves; there are more than 1 billion unique visitors on YouTube each month. In total, 60 million hours are spent on YouTube in the same period and this is from 61 countries around the globe. What if you could get even 1% of these people to see your videos? Wouldn’t that transform your business? But how do you get more YouTube views? Are there specific things that you can do to make sure that when people get on YouTube they can see you? Indeed there are and if you do them right, you will start to see not just more hits but more leads on your site as well.

YouTube Optimization

Many small business owners know all there is to know about search engine optimization and they even do it well enough to gain ranking but what they fail to acknowledge is that they have to do YouTube optimization as well. There are several things that go into this:

– Proper titles: You must make sure that the titles of your videos are relevant to your product or service. If you sell baby products and then make a cute video and title it “cute toddler”, you have not related the video to your products and you will not get attention from new mothers and fathers who are looking to buy clothes for their kids.

– Be creative with titles: Unfortunately, with so many people doing clever things with YouTube videos, we are now forced to work a little harder to get noticed. Get titles that say that your video is fun and engaging to watch.

– Thorough descriptions: You are given some room to describe your video so use it. Be as accurate as possible about what your video is about and then make sure to link it to your website by describing your business and what you sell.

– Use more tags: You are provided with a tags section which you are supposed to use to fill with keywords that are relevant to your niche. List all the keywords from the title and the description. A clever trick is to look for popular videos and use the tags in those on your own video.

Be clever about the way you share

Although many people don’t know it, the way you share your video after posting it is very important. To start with, always share a video as soon as you post it and not days after. If you share late and people see that the video has been up for a while with no hits, they are more likely not to pay attention to it. Second, don’t share your video with your email list. Rather, share with family and friends because they are more likely to pass it on. Utilize all your social media accounts when you share and make sure to talk to a few people you trust to get an interesting conversation going.

Edit before you share

A sloppily done video is very off-putting and many people will not watch to the end let alone share. Here are some things you should do before you share:

– Remove long pauses using a video editor. They cause videos to run for unnecessarily long.

– Get some music in; it is more fun to watch a video that has a nice audio track that one which is completely quite. Even if you have someone talking in your video, add some background music but make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the speaker.

– Add contact information for anyone who may not be watching on YouTube. This includes your website link, your Twitter handle and email address.

Use other video responses

This clever trick can get you a substantial number of new viewers but you have to know how to do it properly. Responses are whatever users post at the bottom of a video after they watch it. If you look for the most popular videos and then add a comment and a link to your own video, you may get some users clicking from the popular video to yours. You must however make sure that the comments that you add are relevant to the video which is popular; otherwise, your comment will look out of place and you will not get much of a response.

Be active on YouTube

The more active you are on YouTube the more likely you are to get noticed and create a name for yourself. Follow and subscribe to the more popular people on YouTube. Interact by living messages. If people think that you are with the popular crowd, they are more likely to want to view your videos and pass them on to their friends and family.

YouTube has the power to grow your business but you have to know what to do and how to do it. The tips listed here may be few but they can help you get more and more views.

If you are looking for a solution to get more YouTube views, make sure you give the SocialMonkee ‘Social Viewer’ a try. It will help you get REAL views, likes, subscriptions… This will give your videos the boost they need!

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WAIT! See How You Can Benefit From ‘Bulk Buying’ Gold Accounts…

Get Your Hands on Our Gold Memberships at Prices so Low,
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Are you an affiliate or site owner willing to get more traffic, leads and sales using our popular mailing feature? You probably upgraded to Gold to get access to our System Mailer, which allows you to email 3,000 random members every 3 days. The more Gold accounts you have, the more people you can email, and the more traffic, leads and sales you get. The only problem is, costs can add up fast… Well, we have a solution for you.

Would you like to resell Gold accounts so you can make a profit on each sale? This is simple yet profitable business so let us explain you how you could make hundreds if not thousands by simply reselling Gold accounts. We sell you Gold accounts at a discounted price (because you buy them in bulk), but our offers remain the same, meaning you can set your selling price between anywhere between what you paid and our selling prices.

Are you speaker wanting offer great value to your students? A customer of ours orders 30+ Gold accounts for his students every month. He includes them in the package he gives them, and they love him for that! But hey… You don’t have to buy 30 every month like him. This works even if you’re a small fish! Your students would love you for arranging a Gold account for them, included in the package your offer them. This is a win-win!

Are you a product creator willing to offer real value to your customers? Offering a Gold account as a bonus would blow the mind of your potential customers, and no doubt this would dramatically increase your conversion rate. The best part is… You don’t even have to buy the accounts before you know exactly how many you need, and the more you buy, the more you save. You will even earn commissions when they renew.

Are you in any of the cases mentioned above, or in a different case where you would find a benefit in ‘bulk buying’ Gold accounts at a discounted price? So many people have asked us for multiple Gold accounts, each of them having a different reason… What you can do with these accounts is limited only by your imagination.

That’s why we created a ‘bulk buying’ option so you can purchase multiple Gold accounts at a discounted price, even if it means we get undercut! This could add a whole other dimension to the way you currently do business… We normally sell annual Gold accounts between $197 and $247. Now see how much we are ready to sell you them for…

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To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer


& Colin Klinkert


Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
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Lunch with Stuart Stirling
Stuart Stirling & Frank Bauer in Japan
An Aussie Internet Marketer from Japan showed me the other day his brand new 30 Minute List system and walked me through it. And I believe it’s pretty cool.

Here is what 30 Minute List does for you in a nutshell…

30 Minute List is free to join and allows you to build your Aweber, GetResponse, Add2it MailResponder Pro or other Autoresponder list up to 5 times faster then without this service while at the same time promoting and building your list in ViralURL.

You can simply send traffic to one URL and build two lists and earn commissions with two sites faster then each one on their own.

Let me show you how it works…

After you signup for free you need to first setup your account by clicking on “Edit My Details”. It’s just a single screen and easy to do. - Settings

The picture is only needed if you plan to become a Founding member, it will then be used in the Founding members directory and in the Founding Members ads section.

If you are an Elite or Founder member then you should enter your ViralURL referral link in the “Exit Pop” URL field. Add “-t-30MinuteList” at the end to track the results.

The how to videos that show you how where to get your autoresponder subscribe form code are in the “Tutorials” section.

Once you added your own autoresponder subscribe form code the system is ready to increase your list building speed 5x.

For all people that you refer to 30 Minute List, you will earn a minimum of 50% commissions (and up to 100% commissions) on membership upgrades, even if you yourself are simply a free member.

The first 4 people that you refer to 30 Minute List will be added the the autoresponder of the person that referred you to 30 Minute List and in exchange for those 4, you will get the first 4 referrals of every single person that you refer to 30 Minute List and that way, for every single person you refer, your own autoresponder list will actually grow by up to 5 people… wow!

Next you should add your banner & text ads to their system by clicking on “Setup Ads”. - Banner - Text Ad

For the both ad types, banner & text ad, I recommend to enter your ViralURL referral link. Again, add “-t-30MinuteList” at the end to track the results.

Finally (if you choose to upgrade) you should add your own gift for all members of 30 Minute List.

Here is what I added… - Bonus Gift

You could add any other products offered freely to ViralPLR members, any PLR product you already own or any other product you have the rights for.

This is another great way to build your own list not just through your own referrals, but through all referral of all members in 30 Minute List. I would say that next to the ability to speed up your list building process, this is the second best feature of 30 Minute List.

Options to upgrade…

If you where wondering if there are also paid upgrade options… yes, of course there are. But even the free membership option on it’s own is really useful.

Let me show you the different membership levels…

Membership Levels in 30 Minute List

To sum it up… the upgraded membership levels give you additional advertising exposure and higher commissions.

But like I said before… even as a free 30 Minute List member, you gain the main benefit of speeding up your first building efforts 5x and for that alone, I highly recommend to join 30 Minute List right away!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer


& Colin Klinkert


Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
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One of the best ways to generate traffic that turns into signups, sales & commissions is by sending out an email to your existing lists.

The second best way is it to send such an email to somebody else’s list that you can email to via a solo ad or even using Viral List Mailer sites.

Here is a new email ad copy you can use for ViralURL…

Subject Line: Stop losing affiliate commissions…


Hi {!firstname_fix},

So you’ve worked real hard getting people to your
site and teaching others what you know.

You then recommend a product or service using your
affiliate link.

Some visitors simply purchase the product/service
you recommend by simply purchasing using their
own affiliate link.

Yes, it does happen. There are thieves who simply
steal your commissions.

Frankly, it’s not always easy to protect your
affiliate commissions.

A great way to cloak and protect your affiliate
links is by simply using ViralURL.

ViralURL allows you to not only cloak your links
but also shorten your links, making it more
appealing to your readers.

You can sign up for a free account right here:


It won’t cost a thing and you can cloak as many
links as you want.

Start protecting your affiliate commissions from
commission thieves today.

Here’s the link:


To Your Success,


P.S. – ViralURL also allows you to track how many
people click your link and what conversions
you get!


You can find this email ad copy version as well as several others already ready to be used with your name and affiliate link inserted at:

Also, if you don’t have a list of your own yet, or simply like to email to more then just your own list, check out this list of recommended Viral List Mailers…

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer


& Colin Klinkert


Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
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Back in 2011 Mark Thompson released List Eruption, a piece of software that “truly revolutionized” (his words) the way online business owners and marketers grow their list. We didn’t use List Eruption 1.0 ourselves, but we used a similar tool that wasn’t a WP plugin and that way a lot harder to setup, for many years and yes, those tools do work. Over 3,500 people have used their powerful list building tool over the past few years and as you can see by their testimonials, with great results. Well, Mark decided now to take it one step further, and is now launching an improved version… List Eruption 2.0. Let’s check it out…

List Eruption

In short, List Eruption helps you build a landing page (your subscribers sign up for an offer, whether it’s for a newsletter, a free product…) and a thank you page (your subscribers see an incentive that rewards them for sharing your offer), and provides you with a back-end interface that allows you to manage everything from a single place.

List Eruption

The original idea (rewarding subscribers for sharing) is already a great idea, AND Mark received plenty of feature requests and suggestions over the years, and took them into consideration when improving List Eruption, which now has a totally revamped user interface, design and feature set. We must say… we are quite impressed!

Not only does List Eruption come with more features, a slick interface and high-converting landing page templates, but it is also now compatible with ANY auto-responder. That’s right! List Eruption leverages the most powerful forms of marketing on the Web: word of mouth, referrals, social sharing, incentives…

If there is one tool out there that can truly help you expand your list by 100%, 150% or even 200% overnight, it’s List Eruption. It is not about working harder, but about working smarter, because it helps you turn every subscriber into several subscribers… This is by far the easiest, most effective and most affordable way to build a list.

As a matter of fact, we will stop here for now, highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of List Eruption 2.0, and get started on a new lead capture page! This is a must-have, and only costs a fraction of what it should cost… AND you are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee so this is completely risk-free for you.

What are you waiting for? Get it now before Mark removes the 70% relaunch discount!

Get List Eruption 2.0 Now!

>>> Click Here to Get List Eruption 2.0 Now <<<
& Multiply Your Signup Rate Overnight!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer
& Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
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