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Tuesday the 13th

Can Your Photos Make You Money?

As you know by now, I love keeping you in the know on all the new sites that help you in your viral marketing strategies. The name of the latest company that I want to share with you is fOTOGLIF.

What is fOTOGLIF?

This is not your ordinary photo sharing website, this is one that actually gives back. You get to upload and share as many photos as you like, and you are thinking so what, there are numerous sites that do this, but what you don’t know is….you get paid to share your photos. They will split their ad revenues with you on a 50/50 basis, depending on the viewer-ship.

FOTOGLIF has a built in photo and content sharing application which enables its users to benefit directly from their own content they have shared. The users of this site is who create the content and when they share, they are creating traffic to the site, therefore, becoming a recipient of the revenues generated.

This site has created a fantastic platform for artists and photographers to benefit from their talents and creations, and to be able to share their work while benefiting financially from the advertising revenues. They have created a Best Of Show utility for sharing these incredible pictures.

This is a new site, just opened this month. This is providing Facebook junkies to produce their own slideshows to share while bringing in some money at the same time. And for those of you who are serious about your photography and wish to promote your work, you can do so on here as you do on Flickr and other photo sites. You may find that fOTOGLIF will be a great tool in brining in some extra income while promoting your art.

Facebook Users

Because this is such a new product, you may encounter a few error messages as you install it on Facebook on the uppermost portion of the dashboard. You will also need to focus on your gift patience as you load your images. This being new, in time it will become better and better as they work out the bugs. This is definitely worth checking out.

Their revenue sharing plan is a great and simple plan. You will supply the required personal data with an email address for PayPal. This will all be done in the Settings menu, and then you will be on the receiving end of half of what they make through the advertisements and viewers interactions.




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