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Lunch with Stuart Stirling
Stuart Stirling & Frank Bauer in Japan
An Aussie Internet Marketer from Japan showed me the other day his brand new 30 Minute List system and walked me through it. And I believe it’s pretty cool.

Here is what 30 Minute List does for you in a nutshell…

30 Minute List is free to join and allows you to build your Aweber, GetResponse, Add2it MailResponder Pro or other Autoresponder list up to 5 times faster then without this service while at the same time promoting and building your list in viralurl.

You can simply send traffic to one URL and build two lists and earn commissions with two sites faster then each one on their own.

Let me show you how it works…

After you signup for free you need to first setup your account by clicking on “Edit My Details”. It’s just a single screen and easy to do. - Settings

The picture is only needed if you plan to become a Founding member, it will then be used in the Founding members directory and in the Founding Members ads section.

If you are an Elite or Founder member then you should enter your viralurl referral link in the “Exit Pop” URL field. Add “-t-30MinuteList” at the end to track the results.

The how to videos that show you how where to get your autoresponder subscribe form code are in the “Tutorials” section.

Once you added your own autoresponder subscribe form code the system is ready to increase your list building speed 5x.

For all people that you refer to 30 Minute List, you will earn a minimum of 50% commissions (and up to 100% commissions) on membership upgrades, even if you yourself are simply a free member.

The first 4 people that you refer to 30 Minute List will be added the the autoresponder of the person that referred you to 30 Minute List and in exchange for those 4, you will get the first 4 referrals of every single person that you refer to 30 Minute List and that way, for every single person you refer, your own autoresponder list will actually grow by up to 5 people… wow!

Next you should add your banner & text ads to their system by clicking on “Setup Ads”. - Banner - Text Ad

For the both ad types, banner & text ad, I recommend to enter your viralurl referral link. Again, add “-t-30MinuteList” at the end to track the results.

Finally (if you choose to upgrade) you should add your own gift for all members of 30 Minute List.

Here is what I added… - Bonus Gift

You could add any other products offered freely to ViralPLR members, any PLR product you already own or any other product you have the rights for.

This is another great way to build your own list not just through your own referrals, but through all referral of all members in 30 Minute List. I would say that next to the ability to speed up your list building process, this is the second best feature of 30 Minute List.

Options to upgrade…

If you where wondering if there are also paid upgrade options… yes, of course there are. But even the free membership option on it’s own is really useful.

Let me show you the different membership levels…

Membership Levels in 30 Minute List

To sum it up… the upgraded membership levels give you additional advertising exposure and higher commissions.

But like I said before… even as a free 30 Minute List member, you gain the main benefit of speeding up your first building efforts 5x and for that alone, I highly recommend to join 30 Minute List right away!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer


& Colin Klinkert


Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert

One of the best ways to generate traffic that turns into signups, sales & commissions is by sending out an email to your existing lists.

The second best way is to send such an email to somebody else’s list that you can email to via a solo ad or even using Viral List Mailer sites.

Here is a new email ad copy you can use for ViralURL…

Subject Line: Stop losing affiliate commissions…


Hi {!firstname_fix},

So you’ve worked really hard getting people to your
site and teaching others what you know.

You then recommend a product or service using your
affiliate link.

Some visitors simply purchase the product/service
you recommend by simply purchasing using their
own affiliate link.

Yes, it does happen. There are thieves who simply
steal your commissions.

Frankly, it’s not always easy to protect your
affiliate commissions.

A great way to cloak and protect your affiliate
links are by simply using viralurl.

viralurl allows you to not only cloak your links
but also shorten your links, making it more
appealing to your readers.

You can sign up for a free account right here:


It won’t cost a thing and you can cloak as many
links as you want.

Start protecting your affiliate commissions from
commission thieves today.

Here’s the link:


To Your Success,


P.S. – viralurl also allows you to track how many
people click your link and what conversions
you get!


You can find this email ad copy version as well as several others already ready to be used with your name and affiliate link inserted at:

Also, if you don’t have a list of your own yet, or simply like to email to more than just your own list, check out this list of recommended Viral List Mailers…

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer


& Colin Klinkert


Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
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Step One: Set up a viralurl account if you have not done so already by CLICKING HERE!

Step Two: Watch the videos below to see how you can take advantage of viralurl’s over 200,000 hits per month…

Text Ads:

Banner Ads:

Step Three: Log into the system and set your text and banner ads now.

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Step One: Watch this video below by Colin…

Step Two: Sign up for ViralURL, ViralHosts, and ViralinBox if you have not already.

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Step One: Set Up your viralurl account if you have not already by CLICKING HERE!

Step Two: After logging into the dashboard, go to >LINKS >ADD LINKS

Step Three: Watch this video demonstration and then share your links everywhere.

Step Four: Register for one of our upcoming link cloaking webinar trainings. This training will go more in depth on viralurl’s link cloaking feature, and it will show you how to put your list building on steroids. Don’t wait…

REGISTER HERE => ViralURL Link Cloaking Webinar

Step Five: Review why its important to cloak your links below.

The benefits of link cloaking with ViralURL are immense, here are just a few…

– To prevent commission thieves from stealing YOUR hard earned money and high-jacking your affiliate links
– To kick long and ugly links to the curb – With ViralURL you can make short, pretty links in seconds
– To fully track your links and see how many people clicked on your link, and where they came from and how many times they clicked
– Earn HIGHLY Effective advertising Exposure, simply by making your links look pretty with our shortener and cloaker
– Build your OWN mailing list, on total autopilot from your shortened and cloaked links
– Build your downline automatically and open up a new income stream, simply by leveraging the link cloaking feature
– Track which of your advertising campaigns gets you the MOST Traffic… This means you can focus on the things that work
– Get our FREE FireFox plugin that makes it fast to cloak links on the fly. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS TO THE FIREFOX PLUGIN
– Get access to viralurl’s free wordpress plugin that monetizes keywords on your WordPress blog posts ($97 Value)