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Step One: Sign up for a viralurl account here if you have not already. CLICK HERE!

Step Two: Watch the video below to see how to use the Random Mailer…

Step Three: Register to one of our upcoming email best practices webinars that reveal the top notch copywriting secrets of the pros and how to get better conversions with each mailing.

REGISTER HERE => ViralURL Copywriting 101 Webinar

Step Four: Take a minute to read the table below and compare your current membership level with the others and see how much extra exposure you could be getting if you were to have one of the higher membership levels.

Membership Comparison Table
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Step One: Sign up for a viralurl account here if you have not already. CLICK HERE!

Step Two: Watch the videos below to see how to get started and rewarded with viralurl

Getting Started:

Getting Rewarded:

Step Three: Register for one of our new user orientation webinar trainings. This training will cover viralurl’s basic features and will show you how to get started quickly…

REGISTER HERE => ViralURL New User Orientation Webinar

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The interesting thing about internet marketing, and many of the videos that you see around online is those that promote mailers are always talking about open rates and click through rates. The truth is, open rates and click through rates don’t mean anything in the real world of internet marketing if it doesn’t convert to opt-ins and sales.

Opt-ins and sales are your goal right?

Just to give you an idea of how viralurl’s system is the industry leader, our very own Colin Klinkert did a case study in comparison with other list builders on the market. His comparison was to determine if incentivized clicks which increased open and click through rates actually meant more sales and opt-ins.

What he discovered may shock you!!!



Rest easy know your membership is with the industry leader in list builders.

In this other video, Colin shows more stats and results…



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We have yet another cool free plugin for you to make your daily life with viralurl even easier. :)

You might remember, we released a ViralPlugin for FireFox a while ago that makes it as easy as 1,2,3 to cloak and share all your links with viralurl! Even if you are reading a news article on NYtimes or Sports news on ESPN etc. and you want to share the article, you would use the ViralURL FireFox Plugin to cloak the link and copy it in 3 seconds!

Then you can share your shortened and cloaked URLs on Facebook, Twitter, Digg or your blogs or over chat like GTalk or Skype. That way, instead of simply sharing a boring link that WON’T earn you anything, in 3 seconds (The same time it takes you to copy and paste the link anyway) you now can:

* Earn credits from showing ads and therefore get YOUR ads shown!

* Build a downline with your built in affiliate links from the ViralBar

* Earn an income! You get up to 60% commissions if your personal referrals upgrade, it’s that easy!

So if you are not using the viralurl, ViralPlugin for FireFox… then download it now for free and start cloaking EVERY link you share and add massive Leverage to what you are doing!

Now for the BIG news for today…

Brand New: ViralPlugin for WordPress

Are you sick & tired of messing with HTML code, manually hyper-linking links to your offers? Would you love a way to instantly link all the instances of a keyword or keyword phrase to an offer without having to do it every time yourself? How about if you write an article and you have a bunch of keywords that when written, and published, will automatically link to your affiliate offers and other sites?

Well now you can… and 100% free!

Watch the video below showing you how to use the ViralURL WordPress Plugin:

Before, it would cost you $97 to buy a WordPress plugin which does the same thing the ViralURL WordPress Plugin does… except the ViralURL WordPress Plugin also Cloaks your links, protecting your affiliate commissions AND builds your credits, downline and income, all on AutoPilot!

Click here to download the ViralURL WordPress Plugin!

To your success,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer
& Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
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