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In the past few years that I have been involved with internet marketing, I have come to realize that there really are only a few key skills that contribute to the success of someone when it comes to succeeding in email marketing.

With that being said, I am convinced that the number one skill aside from a few others that is key in email marketing is… COPY WRITING!

What is copy writing? In short, it is salesmanship in written form. When you are driving down the street and you see a billboard that catches your attention and it gets you to look into a certain product or service, that is copy writing that is designed to grab your attention.

Here is an example off the top of my head:

Car need maintenance? At Jiffy Lube, get your $19.95 oil change now. Free 15 point inspection included. All in 30 minutes or less or its FREE. Only through March 31st, Stop in NOW!

This is kind of a silly example, but you get the point. The idea of copy writing is to get the reader to take action on what you are wanting them to do.

In this case what do they want them to do? The answer is simple, get into Jiffy Lube and get there oil changed at a low price so they can then try to up-sell you on more services. Don’t we do that same thing in internet marketing?

Some of your best places to study the art of advertising is just to look around at the advertisement signs on the street. The big corporations that advertise everywhere you go have literally invested millions upon millions of dollars into advertising campaigns and know what works.

Take their best stuff and mesh it with your product of service.

If you have attended some of my webinars lately on copy writing you will see that I refer to the “5 point formula for persuasion”… What is the “5 point formula for persuasion”?

Identify the big problem – This is were you hit hot buttons. This is literally where you hit right at the heart of what the overwhelming statistics show. For instance, if you are in network marketing you would see that the statistics show that a majority of people struggle with lead generation. This is a hot button that will get people to take action on what you are asking them to do as long as you can provide the solution.

Unique benefit or promise – So going inline with identifying the big problem in point one, how is it that your product or service will fix the problem they are facing? For example: “If you lack leads, join our system and learn how to generate 10-20 laser targeted leads everyday for your business”. You see? This shows them what is capable with your system or product. This is where they can picture themselves attaining the results you’re referring too.

Provide factual proof – This is your opportunity to show results from people or yourself where you have gotten results with your product or service. This can be very powerful and very persuasive to the reader. There is one thing that I caution you against though, and that is making up fake testimonials. DON’T DO IT! It’s important to be truthful with your message, and not break the law. But providing proof of results is very, very persuasive and can convert optins and sales.

Risk free offer – This is where you basically take away their apprehension in taking action. For instance, someone might hesitate to take action because the don’t want to be on another email list. This is where you assure them that you will only send them value based information that will help them in their business. It can also include things such as a “30 day money back guarantee” if you’re selling a product or “7 day free trial for $1?” or something of that sort. This is designed to remove the apprehension from the reader, and help them to make a fear free decision to take action.

The take away – Ahh yeah, this is my favorite… lol. The good old move now or forever hold your peace call to action… lol. This works so well because the greatest thing most people fear is not getting a good deal. Or missing out on that awesome training program that will take their business to the next level. You can use language such as “Limited time only” or “Only available to the next 20 buyers”. The key here also, is don’t say it unless you MEAN IT! Don’t make it up. If you are only making it available to 20 people, make it 20 people and be done. Don’t just say that to get people to move. You loose credibility when you do that and you hurt your reputation, so be honest in your take away.

By integrating this into your email marketing, you will get much better results, and it will cause you to have more fun in your business.

I don’t know about you, but I like to have fun and get results with what I do. If I am not getting results, I stop, re-evaluate and then make a change. Good copy writing will get you results all the time.

There are two things I want to recommend to you if you want to improve your copy writing skills.

Copy Writing 101 webinar – I just recently did a webinar training for viralurl solely on this topic alone. It is 78 minutes long and is jammed packed with good information that is really going to help you get results. This webinar is full on content rich value for your business. You can attend this webinar free of charge and take advantage of the training.

Copy writers guild course – This is for those that really want to take their business to a whole new level. This is for the person that is not messing around with their business and really wants to step up their game in not only their email writing skills, but their copy writing skills in general. This course is not free, but in my opinion the best information never is free. If you want to invest in yourself and your business, go pick up this course right now as you will not regret it one bit. Once I went through this course and applied what I learned I saw an immediate response in my marketing, so much so that I would venture to say it was the best money that ever spent. Remember, the best investment you can ever make is in yourself. I recently did a blog post about this, and you can check that out here…

Why Investing In Your Skills Will Make You Money

Focus on your skills, and your copy writing for emails, and you will see results.

To your success,

Mark Harbert
viralurl & Viralinbox Team Member

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