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There is a buzz word going around now called permission marketing. Permission marketing is a privilege that you have to send messages to to people who actually want to receive them. The best and most effective way to make your viral marketing campaign work is when you first have the permission of the recipient of your marketing material. This is not only sending something to someone who wants it, but you are showing great respect and this is the best way of getting their attention.Attention is another key word that you need to focus on. A permission viral marketer knows that when someone gives you their attention, they are giving you some they cherish and that is their time. You are taking up their time in reading your content, giving them a chance to decide if what they are reading, hearing or watching is worth their time and will add value to their life.

When you have obtained someones email through a website or sales page, you have their permission to send them content. They are expecting to receive some valuable content from you. Now if you want to make sure that your product is marketed, then you need to assure that your content is worth their time. Once they receive it, review it, and find that it was what they were hoping for, or even more than what they were expecting, they will want to pass it on to their friends, their co-workers, and their family.

Once you have their permission, then you need to make sure you follow through on a continuous basis with something of value. Don’t start throwing gimmicks their way, or trying to get them the buy something with each message, give them something, make this be about what you can give, not what you can get.

When someone subscribes to the newspaper, they are expecting content daily, and they are looking forward to it. The newspaper has their full attention, because they have their permission to drop off this content on a daily basis. They have earned the trust of the recipient and therefore, can still drop off a paper daily, and the ads will be read, merchandise will be sold.

So, think of yourself as someone who is willing to gain the trust of your recipients, that you want to have their permission to show up in their email once a week, or however many times you plan on delivering quality content. Once you win their trust, you have them for life, and you will see your viral marketing campaign take off.

6 Minions Speaketh, What say you?

  1. Fendi Salim

    Hi Colin, great blog!

    I don’t know if it’s me but your contact form is not working.

    I wanted to ask something about your sidebar.

    Email me if you get the chance.

    Fendi Salim

  2. The King

    Thanks Fendi,

    Sure anything you need to ask, please let me know. I need to fix that contact form then, but am going to build a helpdesk so will use that then instead of a contact form. Please ask away RE the sidebar

  3. Fendi Salim

    Hey, thanks Colin.

    Sorry, I left the wrong email the last time. Saw you on MBL and remembered coming back.

    What gallery plugin do u use for the “Recommended Money Makers” section?

    Fendi Salim

  4. The King

    It is some gallery ajax thingy…lol,

    Ill upload it for you…

    ok done:

    Hope that helps

  5. Simon

    “It is some gallery ajax thingy”

    LOL, lovely description there. :p

  6. The King

    LOL – Yeah, Simon, you are the Techy one of the Two of us. A reason we are a good fit for our project

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