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ViralinBox is one of the HOTTEST products on the digital market right now… and  this is YOUR chance to promote a unique, revolutionary email solution and make high commissions on every upgraded referral you make! Even as a Silver (Free) Member of ViralinBox, you can make some nice commissions, but if you’re serious about making money with this affiliate program, then you MUST upgrade to Platinum or Diamond!

Remember, as a Silver (Free) Member, you earn up to 40% commissions, as a Platinum Member, you can earn up to 50% commissions, and as a Diamond Member you can earn up to 55% commissions! Imagine you’re a Platinum, and you refer a couple of Platinum Members who took the one-time offer at sign up. That’s $197 in YOUR pocket! Now imagine you make a few of these referrals every few days… How much money could you make over a week or month?

We provide you with a huge range of promotional tools to help you promote ViralinBox (if you don’t have a ViralinBox account yet, click here to join now) and make the most out of our affiliate program. To access them, please log into your account and click the ‘Affiliate Section’ link in the ViB Menu on the right side of your dashboard. This will open a pop-up window. In this window, click the ‘Click here to get all kinds of promotion tools’ link. This is where you will find all the promotional tools you need to promote ViralinBox like a pro: email copies, blog post copies, banner ads…

For example if you want to send an email to your list to tell your subscribers about ViralinBox, click ‘Email Copy’ in the list of promotional tools. You will find plenty of email copies that you can use and even resources so you can send emails to other lists and reach even more potential leads! Feel free to edit the email copies as much as you want but remember that your affiliate link is already integrated. If you don’t have a list but want to send a few emails to lock in referrals, we highly recommend that you sign up to ViralURL, ViralHosts, State-of-The-Art Mailer, ListJoe and TheListAuction. Make sure you also check out all other sites listed in the ‘Affiliate Section’.

If you want to add a banner ad to your site or blog, click ‘Banners’ in the list of promotional tools. You will find a lot of ready-to-use banner ads (in a lot of different formats). Like with email copies, your affiliate link is already built in, which means that you don’t need to add it yourself. All you need to do is to copy the banner ad code and paste it in the code of your site or blog. For example in WordPress if you want to add a banner ad in your sidebar, create a new ‘Text’ widget (under ‘Appearance’, ‘Widgets’), paste the banner ad code, click ‘Save’ and… that’s it!

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