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Thursday the 10th

It’s April and We Are Nobody’s Fool…

If You Were Browsing the Web On April Fools Day, You May Have Seen These…

April Fools Day is always at great day because you can play all types of pranks on your buddies, but with the Internet, it can be a blast! I did some looking around and I found some great information about one of the largest gaming industries and the pranks they played. This company would be none other than Blizzard, the top gaming industry on the web. According to Shack News, Blizzard Entertainment posted quite a few hilarious pranks on their website. One of the most popular of their spoofs was “PC MMO World of Warcraft will hit Atari 2600 in the form of World of Warcraft: The Molten Core.”…This was a very clever, and yes, extremely funny and entertaining bit of advertising. You feel like you are back in the early days of Pac Man again. If you have not checked it out, you need to do it soon.

Are You A Fan of Guitar Hero?

Another one of my favorites was Blizzards news of bringing you a Guitar Hero type character to the amazing new expansion to World of Warcraft called Wrath of the Lich King, along with its plans to marketing a pinata that can be a bit dangerous for any child, even adults for that matter. This is a Pinata that you would never allow your child to swing at. Remember folks, this was only a joke.

Ever thought of living on Mars?

Here Richard Branson, founder of Virgin along with Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be breaking a new frontier in the greatest adventure of our lifetime, a first for all to witness, The Adventure of Many Lifetimes; the first human colony to ever live off of this planet, the first to live on Mars. This was great; they even had a test you could take to see if you would qualify. Who knows… it could happen!

And finally, the greatest one of all, at least if you are as fed up with the whole political race as I am…the Hillary and Obama Deathmatch as seen here on ESPN’s website. It’s just too bad there wasn’t something that exciting really happening. According to the information on this website, Hillary and Obama would be able to settle the race by winner taking all, the loser heading home with his or her head hanging low, with a good ole deathmatch. There would have been several events which is officiated by Ron Paul, the Libertarian candidate. Check out the website for the cool challenges that could have happened.

Leave it to the Web to make April Fools Day a fun one, and I can only imagine what they will come up with next year.

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